Science-Fiction Realm

Science-Fiction is all about the mysterious universe, what could be out there beyond the vale of what has been studied and observed and it is also about the possibilities of technology centered on research and development, what will our society or way of life and even the system be like tomorrow? What can we expect the world to look like when we are old? What will the world be like when we are long gone? These possibilities became the basis for science-fiction as much as the fascination of what is beyond our solar system. Fans often seperate the term Sci-Fi and Science-Fiction meaning one is a bit more of a cinematic story and the other is either envisioning the future or alternate history though in some works gets bogged down in techno babble, the word Sci-Fi is commonly argued as a twin term to 'Space Opera' which regards science-fiction with a similar spirit to fantasy even as some sci-fi is more like Tron or Total Recall the remake meaning one is earth based and the other is mars based. Though headed and inspired by Gene Roddenberry's 'Star Trek' influental Sci-Fi novels include Frank Herbert's 'Dune Series', Paul W.S. Anderson's 'Star Gate', Philip K. Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep', Isaac Asimov's 'The Foundation' (a major inspiration for George Lucas' 'Star Wars Saga'), H.G. Wells 'War of the Worlds', B.V. Larson's 'Technomancer' and Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar's 'Open Your Eyes' (later turned into 'Vanilla Sky'). The Sci-Fi stories often root inspiration from America's technological cities as well as China's and even some of Australia's though lately sci-fi aesthetic takes on more of an asian influence with american style and oceanic spirit. The hero is sometimes like Han Solo or some outlaw styled misfit trying to make his way in the universe but ends up becoming the hero yet most of them are like Luke Skywalker as in they dream of a life beyond the rut they live in that they feel will get them nowhere in life, they travel often on second hand spacecraft or use modified computers as their vessel of doing good in the universe, their enemy the villain is usually this overlord minded person who is either alien enhanched or robotically modified wanting to amass a universal empire with the idea he alone must push forth evolution at whatever cost seeing himself as this godlike type where in other terms he's this rogue ninja styled assassin sociopath with a love for mayhem and rides either a flame throwing hover bike or a combat space ship. Sci-Fi RPGs go back to D&D father's creation of Spaceships and Asteroids in the 90's as a similar pen and paper RPG as he did with Dungeons and Dragons. Spaceships and Asteroids were more a series of space missions with rewards of credits, materials to modify guns with and newer skills gained through the mission or conflict engaged in. Science-Fiction exists in many veins, for (medium) teens, (high) children and (low) adults; light, dark or extreme and of course cyberspace, intergalactic or futuristic.

Music fitted to a science fiction atmosphere are, electronic or trance symphony, industrial metal (for the mercenary driven ones), industrial techno (for the low style rogue based ones), electro metal/rock/hardcore (for the more extreme, hardcore and apocalyptic ones), industrial hip-hop (generally for cyberpunk), dubstep (also primarily for cyberpunk), cyber rock (for cybernetic battles) and techno (for any family friendly sci-fi).

Science-fiction is centered on the cyber world such as the internet and the creative font designs of web masters as well as alien fonts, the few country fonts shared is Asia, Americas and possibly Australia but mostly its organizations and giant companies like NASA who include their fonts in the arrays of science-fiction.

Space Exploration Answering Burning Questions

In space no one can hear you scream, in space it is cold and airless and without gravity to help you feel secure. Yet in space it is one last frontier to unravel and map, you can find many intelligent life forms as well as mindlessly savage rogue ones. Whether you find some organic blob, eight legged sea creature sounding aliens or even some large monotonous and more often then not friendly creatures, these are the inhabitants of space uncharted. Sometimes one will unravel lost civilizations or abandoned high technology (which likely brought its previous makers doom about) and best of all, newly undiscovered but highly valuable resources that make the finder a rich man over night. For the laborers or the rich it is one form of getaway vacation that has all perks plus the fact they don't have to pay for it and that same perk goes to the poor (modders) without so much as a credit to their name.

Cyber Space World A Frontier of Possibility To Dominate

As known and stressed, the internet is by nature neutral having no interest in the material world nor its affairs. Since it was created, it is clear that cyberspace is as limitless and could be colonized by countless users giving plenty of room to territory which cant be invaded except by hackers. In Tron its a world where anything should be possible and information should be free, a world where borders are defined and only disputed by hacker pros. When artificial intelligence is in cyber space though, they are rule makers and gate keepers and in some but seemingly rare cases, dictators of the artificial world. Yet for artificial and virtual intelligence, cyberspace is their natural habitat so they become the inhabitant life forms inside the false reality. For the godless skeptics it is their paradise, their perfect world to live in for cyberspace is by its nature neutral as they are for to them there are merely shades of grey or greater and lesser extremes.

The Trooper

The Trooper is also referred to commonly as a space marine or sometimes a mercenary if he's no longer in a war but he is simply called a trooper because he's a solo soldier who fights his own battles and chooses his missions. His utility belt is moderate because he doesn't carry a lot of things to aide him in any fight he engages, he falls behind cover when the heat is up on the battlefield and mails in shots when he can without another singing past him. His biggest weapon is the photon launcher which is merely a high powered camp light like energy device that can shoot highly devastating blasts that can if possible clear an entire platoon of enemies. The Trooper is most dependent on his guns versus his dependency on heavy armor to be a great help when hitting a hot zone of enemies. The trooper over time gets commendations and medals for every highly successful mission he performs in without risking anyone or even highly valuable objects he's expected to retrieve and deliver without blemish, often considered the most romantic of all classes because of a sense of honor. Outside of war there's just the nightclub he visits on occasions he has nothing to do and blows time by either drinking enhanced juices, talking about his week with a guy who's busy getting drunk or just dancing away with the sexy dancer girls. For the most part its all about the battlefield and the toughest craziest fights that only someone like him can handle!

The Psychic

The Psychic is in fantasy terms the wizard, they however don't cast spells or summon nature to help them fight but use mind over matter to turn the odds in their favor. Psychics use for the most part pure psychokinesis or telekinesis to do their fighting without having any use for guns because their psychic ability supersedes any alternative weapon or skill. With enough beta wave power or focusing their mind power to have it sync their bodies they could unleash nuclear tidal waves of psychic destruction though it exhausts their heads causing migraines or even dizziness. Their utility belt only carries enough for energy revitalizing and tossing in primitive weapons when their heads aren't carrying sufficient energy to do more psychic combat. They dress out in a slim light armored outfit and are ironically tougher than appearance because their psychic abilities make them unruly powerful and dangerous. Their bodies are tough because of martial art training which means they use their ability to fight with their bodies more efficient yet they only practice defense art. Many polytheistic or monotheistic or supertheistic spiritualists would say their abilities are a gift of the gods or spirits or a will of the universe.

The Infiltrator

The Infiltrator is basically the rogue of Sci-Fi, they double as the ninja and agent in the scenarios, they take on high risk missions and deal with their enemies with stealth take downs or with quick gun work while being fired at. They carry a sort of forming vibro sword that stuffs into their small sword haft that looks more like a utility carrier. They usually don't wear helmets but instead wear masks of which to disguise most of their image while the rest is exposed for intimidation. They are devilishly fast but also quite spongy respite their medium strength armor! They have a gauntlet mounted pistol as part of their charge or fly by attacks as they don't often use firearms. Their final weapon is the shock sticks or laser sticks that have sharp forms enough to cut a metal pole in half, yet they use this for stealthy and efficient assassinations if on contract or termination kills if paid to take down a rogue by any nature.

The Technician

The Technician is neither spongy nor tough, they know a lot about the ups, downs and how to manipulate tech for their uses hence their title. They can hack, program, repair, invent, research or even solve complicated hindering problems involving mechanics or tech. Most of their weapons are quick fire guns of any property or else they defer to their battle robot to do cover fire and even full fledged combat so long as they program them right. Technicians can even use tossable weapons to setting up tech traps for their enemies so they make quick work of incursions. They have the largest utility belts of anyone being they have more tools and more things they do with their gear and their role. The technician is a very clever person in any situation which they often escape without many burns or scratches yet those burns and scratches are like medals to them. So long as you have one or more injuries you can say you've put yourself at risk and come out alive, as for a major love job they like star ships with a passion because they love a challenge.


The apex of all classes, one born with the rare talent to juggle everything from the soldier's sturdiness to the psychic's ability to the infiltrator's limberness and the technicians intellect wrapped up into one being. Why they come along is unknown but that they reserve a greater purpose, maybe they are meant to become leaders, maybe they can reason with machines having their sense of logic as a gift and bearing the ability to speak alien languages makes them even more special, perhaps they know how to straighten grunts back into respectable gentleman. Helping, leading, commanding even with the pressure of their average lives weighing on them they find the ability to shape up and take the most extreme missions without breaking having also the gift of extreme resilience in the face of impossible odds. As much as they can command synthetics, they also bear the extreme performance of marines and are more proficient in language than any organic could handle on their craniums. They are those who will take down colossal forces of destruction or dystopia or any unpleasant reality and save the galaxy of their wrath.

Races of the Galaxy


Droids are in reality interactive tech toys that children play with but droids in science-fiction are an artificially intelligent and independent body of machine born of science and technology. They only see logic, equilibrium with other life forms and purpose for which they exist as important, some tales tell of how they are reclusive and savage rogue AI whereas others tell of them living as nomads terraforming worlds nearing their point to support life but in regions of space that could deter it. In most science-fiction they are often the creation of the most creative race looking to create something revolutionary in the realm of science and technology. They are only as violent or as tranquil as those around them since they learn from other life how to coexist with organics, some even see themselves as the other half of the answer to the disjointed nature of mortality, meaning the combination of man and machine means to live forever in their calculations and logic. In the worst circumstances they could conduct an uprising which means a violent overthrow of other life that seeks to suppress their potential but in the best they are servants of the organic realm and tasked with the maintaining of organic life.


The considered anti-thesis of organic life or virtual machines, where they conform to collectivism and logic trying to create a supreme race, the Borg are the known bane on all science-fiction. Borgs are neither condusive to health nor to longevity, they are strictly ruled by progressive governing which means all are part of the whole in servitude to the masters who are the brains of the whole. They believe they preserve organic life by suppressing independent desire thinking individualism to be a cancer, a corruption seeking to spread across entire networks until it has consumed everything and then spread further until nothing remains thus it descends life into disarray and anarchy but such is the thinking of machines. All imperfections are terminated and those with any manner of imperfection are deemed to be purged thus they start holocausts of imperfect DNA amongst organics until they only collect perfection. Borgs are fully and universally by all manners and nature machines, they try to mimic or clone organic life but fail to understand it so they force it to convert to their way of life as they see their way as the solution to tranquility and balance. All outside of the Borg are deemed corrupt thus must be conquered and purified, they have no need for consumption since all they need is liquid fuel which they sometimes get from liquifying the dead, they store energy through this liquid the way a vehicle uses it to get someone from place to place. The Borg never grow tired but do exhaust energy to the point they return to their station for recharge until they have enough energy to perform the tasks they are issued by the master Borg in a cranial program. All others know and see them as vermin spreading through the galaxy or universe like an infestation of rodents or termites consuming populations and absorbing them into their collective empire. When one becomes a Borg they ultimately die in the mind becoming one with the machine and having their formers selves thoroughly erased. The only realistic creation outside of a borg is a cyborg who is half-machine but bears a moderate degree of humanism keeping them only half-dependent on machine likeness, to them they know the machine doesn't mean they will live forever for even machines wear out and break down eventually which is why they must repair or replenish as often as organics. They are often misfits with personality/anger issues because of how condescending the more organic races can be, however love and hate are still foreign to them for the only understand survival and preservation of others on a level of altruism out of instinct meaning they could care less about their path but so long as they cross paths they will do some good for a change. They are tame in emotion, sometimes perky, sometimes enigmatic but never violent only loud and ravenous mouths when set off, their moral is they won't bother you if you don't screw with or get in their way, they live without want and have no desire to outright serve. They often live in salvage yards where heaps of reusable junk exists knowing they could make wonders happen with practical garbage and sell it while remaining anonymous and hacking those who they have to settle a score with.


The most explorative, curious, adventurous, unpredictable and passionate of races. Humans in most science-fiction come from a time of struggles, political turmoil, social upheaval and tribulations of their history becoming a utopian society who wants to become better. They are no strangers to the shadows amongst their own as we ourselves are in reality, they know the future is a long road and can in times be treacherous but are too stubborn to let fate walk all over them for they had become a hardy people. Humanity's fascination with the wide beyond has been a fascination since they first explored entire continents and isles of the sea until blank edges of their maps were closed up. Humans are also known to be the most diverse to any species which is why some of the more civil attempt mating with them, they have invented at a pace that seemingly takes a generation as compared to the other races who either do so slower or at greater acceleration than they. Humans are usually more vigilante about heroics and security than all races but sometimes display a level of snobbery that repels other races attraction towards them. Human government as we have it in reality is democratic meaning a system based upon majority vote to elect leaders, officials and dignitaries to their given positions while their society is almost military or business based meaning rank and file, not class and coin and only those with skill of any kind contributory to the greater whole excel. To our kind as it is in fiction, the law is simple and merciful dealing with outlaws, punish them according to the offense only after overwhelming evidence shows what they have done.


Commonly there are sci-fi races with great mind-over-matter abilities excelling beyond other races but are also known to be strongly more proud than the other races (and though it seems with great power comes great ego as does responsibility) yet they are often the more attractive species of the galaxy and get more husbands and/or wives from humans and other races than say the less attractive races. They often seem to use this as a diplomatic exchange to create peace and even alliance between their races to ensure utopia, or so that their hides don't end up choice target number one when trouble comes. They are also known to be the more meditative and advice giving species who focuses on how to maintain their image amongst other species both socially and visually. Asarian government is more of a monarch styled government meaning it is ruled by a queen leaving the remainder as nobles or lordship likely due to their society which in the same is about pride much like lions. The offenders of their laws are from the lowest to get mocked, ridiculed and blackened image whereas the highest get either dismantled of title and image but maybe if the offense is severe enough... Execution.


A commonly deferred sci-fi race of beings who are known for their creative and traditionalist way of life, they often want to do something unbelievable and sometimes end up with a not so great result. Their races also usually is selected to become agents or hitman, whatever the client seeks from their able services they provide as they are often treated or seen as lowly beings in the galaxy. Their race often gets prejudice and receives scorn for things that go wrong tech or system wise and only the humans are known to sympathize for them even as the other races seem self-concerned in their eyes. Their government is evidently clan styled meaning their leaders are of a conclave which represent the individual clans but combine upon decision making that effects their race as a whole. When unlawful acts are committed, the individual is put before a hearing and it becomes like a family argument for them, the capital offenders are banished and made to live and die on their own accords, the least offenders are stripped usually of name or clan name and made to start over.


A typically intellectual species in science-fiction also known to be great inventors with disturbingly shorter lives than humans. Their race may seem a bit savage at times but they are known to be strongly passionate in safe-guarding their secrets and their designs. They think in the process of evolution known as the law of 'survival of the strongest' they will come out on top since they view themselves as the superior species. However not all martians are completely alienating and dismissive beings mostly when it comes to inter-species relations as even they don't wish to risk having no allies when their backs are against the wall. Martian governing is what humans call communism, where all the lesser beings do their part for the greater whole while the greater beings decide on how to function the country much like a business, the leader of all of them is a premiere who rules both government and military as well as society. The way they punish the unlawful is by whoever offends their system which is simple, put them in a facility and close them forever away from the rest of their society, the least offenders are made to work twice as hard as the others.


The common warrior species like the Klingon in star trek but the Krogan of mass effect are far more intimidating and less humanoid. Their way of life is the gun and the battle, they live by undertaking colossal challenges and then putting them out with a shot to the head. Most consider them grizzly, savage, violent and barbaric at best yet they are also necessary when facing down hostile species or big-bad upstarts in the galaxy and they'll take money to fight as mercenaries if they have to just to handle a threat to all. To them there is honor in death as in life so long as they struggle and fight for it, they live as a military would existing in divisions like the coast guard, the navy, the marines, the army and the air force and govern likewise using tribunal to decide the individual's fate when he falls out of line. Their own method of getting rid of the dishonorable who overstepped their authority is aim to shoot, they deal with mouth-shooters with a punch to the gut and dare them to take them down, failure to succeed forces them back in line. The capital offenders are thrown in the pit and made to fight savage beasts to survive, if they survive they are cast out of their species zones forever.

Science-Fiction Biology

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