Dream-Fiction Realm

Dream-Fiction is all about human potential and the speculation of alternate universes, the fact we essentially only use ten percent of our mind and how we could defy many limits with enough discipline, it is fact humans exercise their whole brain regularly but only have access to a portion of it. The influences to dream-fiction are sort of like sci-fi's which is Australia and China but it also takes ideas from India, Africa and even the Americas though the most frontal influence is asia as sci-fi takes more of america's influence. Though there are no notable successors to the genre, there were pioneers and influences such as Richard Matheson's 'What Dreams May Come' which puts heavy emphasis on art, a transformable or warping reality, beings or creatures born of someone's mind or nightmare and the destined journey to change things for the better. Though it is a comic book by Stan Lee 'Doctor Strange' in a practically revolutionary way expanded upon dream fiction's lore and design as well as the idea of their own power system (non-magic, non-psychic) but on the art of manipulating energies using adrenaline and united with the imagination can protect the material plane or warp it consequentially. Keiichiro Toyama, creator of 'Silent Hill' is another noteworthy author as he brought a darker side to the idea of dream-fiction, though more superhero and sci-fi in nature Dr. Strange also stands out as a notable mention for he is a powerful being who could control reality by will alone. There is also Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' thought it is technology based dreaming it still pertains to the idea of how dreams makes the near impossible suddenly quite possible, just not in the carnal reality. In the stories the hero ranges from a journalist explorer to a boy with visions of a life that his society doesn't realize or desire to realize thus he is belittled to the point he seeks to vanish and gets his wish and often the villain hunts the hero or he seeks to infiltrate the minds of others so that in time he'd become worshipped or he could transform all reality to his vision of it, the hero generally takes on a pickup truck or a personal helicopter where the villain besides their ability to fly without airplanes or locomotives uses a gangster's car or a tank though this isn't the case the first work of it. The alternate universes imply that the natural laws are different in those other places that aren't in this reality thus having us speculate what they are like and what we would be like in them. The genre however remains passionately modern in aesthetic and all other things that don't hint high tech or western engineering. Dream-Fiction extends as far back as What Dreams May Come and even to the popular thriller horror game franchise Silent Hill, other works include Inception by Christopher Nolan, Friday the 13th with Freddy Kruger and the Reign of Dreamers universe © by Adrian Hasinger and Baron Jared Nephilus' company Mystic Loneworld Studios ©. The role play if it existed would be called Floating Islands and Monsters with classes based upon the general warrior styles in Dream-Fiction. Like fantasy and sci-fi, dream fiction has its age ranges, its mood level rating and finally alternate realities, dimensional conflicts and bizarre plains of psychological reality.

The atmosphere of dream-fiction often calls for in music, dream rock (for family or for teens), ambient music, ambient metal (for mistpunk), industrial nu-metal 'aka' electro hardcore or nu-metal (for the more extreme, the low, the mature and the hardcore), dream metal (for the apocalyptic or struggle against nightmares in a warring manner) and savage rock/metal (for introspective and psychological fiction).

The fonts of dreamfiction are a bit more recent in development hence the founder thought to bring Polynesian, African and 20th century American as well as a slight bit of Asian calligraphy into the realm. In addition there are pop-culture fonts of decades and typewriter fonts for anyone wishing to make a novel, a game or rp based on this genre.

Dream Dimension, Where Limits Are Fiction And Imagination Is Reality

When it comes to dreaming, many weaker minded or skeptical regard them as ideas born of a fool without a real motivation that has meaning. It is those who have moderate to small imagination thus could never create a heavily defined dream anyhow but note only what stands out to them. The dream dimension is reached in sleep or by those able to enter such a reality without some deep training or meditation to show them how. It's gates are open to those who are strong lucid dreamers and is often the place where the subconscious go when needing therapeutic time to sort things out. The dream dimension is also the bridge between the living and the dead as well as the heavens and mortal reality, it is where stories begin and end for prophecy is born in it. To those avid dreamers or riders who are powerful dreamers, signs and drawings in that realm don't foretell an individuals future but instead foretells a vivid future that has yet to be filled by a single being. It is in this reality where the venter's power comes and makes them shatter all limits of the mortal reality or that which is their limits. All creatures not in the mortal reality live here regularly but cannot be reached by regular means, only meditation and lucid dreaming are they contacted.

Alternate Reality Reached Through Portal With New Perspective

In a world where all rules of the universe change there is new possibilities, this is sometimes reached through strangely shaped nature which goes dark and then brightens to reveal a completely different world. If your thinking 'Alice in Wonderland' that is one jest of the idea, going through a wormhole that is dark before new light comes through. The laws of gravity might apply differently as would the laws of physics and other known natural laws of the universe, certain beings thought myth might not appear as they did in the stories. Kappa are a regularly barbaric creature but are also traders with a generally steep price that involves the dark arts of venting but primarily requires a sacrifice of a living intelligent being, even Pygmalion could tell you they aren't worth the business. Other beings within these alternate realities are dragons who are lengthy, intelligent bringing both strength and fortune to anyone who encounters them. Kappa bring mostly fertility and protection because they offer a piece of their shell to the one who bests them in combat, one who they think to make a meal out of. Golems are independent and often guardians to many sacred places but give guidance and wisdom to those who act courteously before them. Orbs which are celestial glowing beings like to wander but grand success and good opportunities to those who find them knowing how often untraceable they are. Cabbits are another of the mystical beings found in other realities and also the Rueshad who are often found guarding knowledge which even they know is treasure beyond anything a mortal could care about for the mortal's mind is always on money, cabbits can tell one's future, the rueshad can give one courage as well as intellect beyond that of mortal man. The alternate world could have floating islands or hovering land masses, maybe a city upon a mountain or a refuge city below the sea which isn't a bad idea in another reality.

The Pounder

Pounders are well known to be built, they use their muscle mass with their venting to overpower their enemies. They have the most reserved stamina primarily for their martial arts and use very little venting to win a battle. They can punch the ground with their foot and send a shock-wave of rubble at their enemy, they can punch a structure sending an entire structure crumbling down and falling upon their enemy! They even use air pressure whips to yank a structure away from its foundation to fall upon their enemy, their martial arts can usher enough force that they can thrash an enemy to the ground, weak enemies are easier to kill while strong enemies are only thrown off balance and dazed sometimes. Their usual fashion sense mostly involves sleeveless shirts whereas their general weapons are iron fists or honing rods used to smash enemies against the wall or crack skulls and they often wield it like a spartan sword. Their common abilities are, hard batting to smash anything, breaking entire structures, shock-wave slams, hoard thrashing, enemy bowling, reversing gravity and snowballing objects to turn a battle on itself.

The Venter

Venters are sensibly the mages of dream fiction, however they do not use their voice to make their actions happen nor do they use their sight to dictate movement of the object they manipulate. Venters command magnetics and adrenaline to do what they can imagine, thus their thoughts become the shaper and manipulator behind the force where their emotions exercise their power become the juice of their chi. They often use body movement to direct and command the battle never making contact ever making it easier to them to do midair combat. Like all else they have to have martial arts in every battle aside from their venting abilities since their bodies gain fatigue to the point they can no longer vent unless they rest their bodies. Their common weapons are idols held in their hands which can summon a far off ally to aide them when they clap their hands together as though praying and use it as an amp for their powers and the magnetic glove which absorbs energy as much as it amplifies and throws making venting greatly easy. Their apparel includes a mask to guard their minds from outside interference, their masks look like makeshift Luchador or stylish Samurai masks. Their normal abilities are magnetic manipulation of objects, use body movement to command objects to do what they think of, rocket to their targets, unleash psychic blast energy waves, toss foes with thought and movement, command a legion of golems by controlling them simultaneously and deliver area of effect moves.

The Shifter

Basically the rogue of dream fiction who can appear anywhere they wish so long as they focus on where they wish to be enough. In combat they could use the portal abilities to upheaval their enemy or throw them off balance using the most simple and quickest martial arts moves to conduct hit and run fighting. Their common weapons are tessens (generally cosmetic items, fans that double as weapons) and street whips (iron chain whips with blunt objects or a hook on them) which aide them in most battles as they stand the most spongy class of all classes. Their street whips are powerful enough to knock strong pillars down even sending down entire buildings to crash upon the ground below. They aren't the types to do exchange tasks since they hate having strings attached to anything especially when they usually can get what they desire anyways. They often like to wear mufflers as part of their aesthetics which exist in addition to turtle neck long sleeves torsos latched on sometimes with snap buttons and overall pants. Their shoes like other classes are also either buttoned or tied with fiber lace making it their movement far easier, they can shift realities, sonic run, possess enemy bodies for a time to hinder them in a fight, bolster a golem with their venting and turn any situation of heated moments to their favor.

The Lancer

Lancers are basically rangers of dream fiction, they however do not use bows and arrows as rangers of fantasy do but instead use bo staves imbued with energy crystals that draw upon the elements hungry for them but can only draw them from their initial existing source! However the Lancer can manipulate fire, ice, thunder or poison inside their enemies system and use it to consume them. Lancers have two choice weapons from the bo staves to dollers which is a combat shield used to block all incoming attacks as do all shields yet they can frisbee their shields, beat enemies down with them and channel their stamina through them so their supply of stamina is never depleted too quickly. Their common fashion sense is long coats along with long vests and regular modern clothing such as blue jeans and t-shirts. Their only alternate weapon is a lance sized steel knife called a buster which is meant for melee but can strike enemies at a distance, primarily tough enemies. Most of what they are capable of; tossing elements, ricocheting debris, spearing chargers, focusing on an enemies opposing element and igniting them in it, shooting enemies with their energy and thrashing enemies with their quarterstaff skills.

The Savant

In our world a savant is someone strangely gifted respite having all kinds of mental set backs or quirks to their person that makes them unable to function in regular society. In the mystical world, it is someone with the ability to use all classes, skills and talents but not only that they can influence the paradigm causing a chain of events to unfold without trying to change them and both the good and bad plays out in the same place, they have the power to shift a battle to their favor which is why many think they could create empires just with their gifts alone and they have the power to reverse unpleasant events pleasant outcomes. They are amongst the few who can battle colossal monsters that many pit themselves against yet only receive backfire in the end, they are able to endure pain making the monster's power diminish to a mere pinch and have a greater ability to resist their inner shadow. They dress like the member of a hospital staff bearing the robes of a shinto monk and the hat of an outdoors vacationer with the shoes of an avant jogger.

The Races of the Planes


The mystical being who may look like a pet but is found to be wise as well as a lord of time and eternity for all moments past, present and future live in one moment to them. They know who they will mate with and whom their offspring shall be and who their descendants will also be, they also know what significant role they will have upon the sands of time. To those locked into a moment in time living outside the rift of time sometimes seek the cabbit to understand how their lives will play out, at the same time they are reminded of their past which some are not fond of. Without the cabbit, the other races would face the muck of the unknown facing endlessly and uncertain future even as they do in reality. The cabbit watch over the future as they mind the past and try to focus on the present making certain there is balance for all the races mentally knowing through the mind will stability for the future exist. Sometimes cabbits will make suggestions that are unnecessary helping one alter or divert their future which many not lead them to happiness but to satisfaction, even the mortal must be mindful of what the cabbit say since they are gray in allegiance suggesting a condusive future as much as they suggest one where the harm is not foreseen. The cabbit are as mindful of the spirit of the universe as they are of the nightmare lords but play for both sides whilst remaining centrally neutral on their conflict. Most could tell you they are a mischievous race of creatures while others tell you they are merely a wise-cracker race that does what is convenient at the time.


Mords are simple creatures, feeding on fear and no greater intellect than zombies but they can communicate the way dinosaurs do thus only good as shock troops and are the twisted reimaging of humans. The Gorrak are known for a guttural corpse like language and have as much love of sundering their enemies as they do for pitting things into an arena and watching a death match play out. In some dream fiction universes they are seen as the rough necks who get drunk a lot and the only thing they enjoy the most is a good fight and though they often receive prejudice because of their perceived violent nature, they drown it out in cranking up loud and raw music. As villains raw music is their meditation before battle or before raising hell locally because they enjoy fear more than most things in existence, they detest of the quiet and of peace wherein other universes it is rare for them to enjoy such. They always dress like they live in the projects or down an alley way festering in poverty where innocents view them as the misunderstood and misjudged, their repulsive image isn't fully in their deformed image but in dress code and in behavior.


Humans of dream-fiction are a passionately spiritual race as some of us are in the real world and their entire society dwells upon such a reality. Their society is organized according to their spiritual views or practices like esoteric, mythic or masonic and other views with strange practices. Humans still work collaboratively and have little love for the society of the Pygmalion which imposes a division or a segregation in society. Human government is that of Federalism which means parties and each party is given power according to the times and the needs that seek to be fulfilled. Their government is headed by a president who presides over their spiritual gatherings and spiritual conferences as much as he does their system. Like other races when a human leaves the mortal reality to enter the mystic reality the only government is democratic theocracy coupled with a learning environment. They believe through the spirit of the universe they will learn the warrior way but take care to also learn the way of the peace keeper as an honor to their religious practices. Their only segregation is that of different sects of common believers which are organized into countries which bear one base of a certain sect and each country is dedicated to that sect as it seems in the real world. Their culture and society is dictated by how they find enjoyment and how it relates to what they believe. Their world is made of continents and a huge variation of environment and sea while their homes are usually made from sheet rock, brick, adobe and wood. Humans treat their spirituality in a sense of government from another reality by acknowledging the immortals and aiding beings, they acknowledge a spirit for conscious, a spirit for mercy and forgiveness and a spirit who rules all as well as beings who rule the forces above them in turn commanding fate yet moreover seeing the high spirit as a father figure.


The Pygmalion are a race of beautiful child faced, sparkle skinned, fish fin eared and mature bodied beings, in some legends they are nude while in others they are only clothed in ragged cloth, in Greek myth they are sculptures a single artist wanted to be real so he could love it forever so he prayed to the gods and they made the sculpture living, when he kissed his sculpture it came alive as a being and was from that point on his wife. In this fiction they came from ape-like beings which became them at long last, their plane is mostly sea with a few islands scattered about, the largest being the size of Australia and the smallest being the size of Bishop Rock. The pygmalion government is Aristocratic meaning rule by the richest and their society is based upon class like the ghetto class which is people who brave the rough street life, the working class which is people who create their lives through hard work from the sweat of their brow and the rich class who spend time managing companies or businesses keeping the workers well paid so they can provide for themselves and using luxuries as escapism strategies. The ruler of the aristocrats is the Seneschal who erects a common good system where the common and lower work hard to aid the rich in maintaining the system and checks come their way to keep them content with having no greater or lesser belongings than anyone else. Their economy exists separately so they may live in prosperity without the government controlling what is marketed and what isn't or control the money flow. Pygmalion spirituality is paganism, they believe the immortals of the mystic realm to be gods and goddesses and attribute their roles as such, their rulers preside over the sacrifices and offerings to appease their deities believing the worship of many gods is part of the common good system.


The spectral is known for their intellect, their whole society is centered on it as the geniuses are put at the top and the ignorant are put at the bottom. They constantly come up with new ideas which spawn new inventions in time which for them is often a seventy to thirty year span due to hard research coupled with trial and error. Their government is made of a council ship which is a collective of the top minds in their world who decide matters regarding all for all bow to their wisdom, when it comes to the individual its a matter of making a choice that brings change in their life. Their homes are born of what they craft from the sea bed such as coral reefs and all so strong material made of any element is how their civilization looks. They often have three sided pyramids, round ones, square ones, ones with stairs and spherical ones, their windows made of special material that combines liquid and glass into one entity. They look like coral beings from appearance having skin that looks transparent but shines all the time and often their color changing skin is exaggerated when they express emotion. Their eyes look a slight bit intimidating but others later get used to it as it is amongst the beautiful features of their race as their race is believed to have risen from the sea when they dawned in existence. Spectrals live in marshy or savanna type lands and even rock lands, they have no deserts, forests, mountains or snowy lands. Their spiritual view is that they believe in spirits and nothing more, they give offerings to the spirits just to stop hauntings and honor them with music.


The woodman live as trailer park types yet craft their homes out of cobblestone and giant leaves making them as friendly to nature as they are when they live off the land. They are wild, they are calm and live as a tribe would though they are more of a neighborhood society, looking out for those within their vicinity and their cities are made of sandstone. They worship energy which is the essence of life that flows through them all and they always live near water for they need their daily sustenance from water. Instead of voting on action they simply give a resounding yay or nay when it comes to anything they wish to do and needs be done like that of a family deciding on what to have for dinner. Each woodman must protect nature as part of their test of worth from anything that would do it harm which demonstrates resilience which isn't hard for a woodman to exercise yet expected. They are as beautiful as one who enjoys nature or art and mate through offering a seed whether to their own or to other races creating a crossbreed being and sometimes a proud pure breed. Their plane is mostly earthy with only seas and maybe two oceans in between or however many oceans could exist in their world, they always live near greenery and nature for their whole plane is made of it.


The Tengu have risen from mere birds into intelligent birds but have found meaning to their existence in the flames of war as well as industry. They seem less civilized but their homes are made of stone as much as they are of adobe, quartz, wood and rock which makes for sturdy housing, their government is one of military and ruled by a duke, their system works as a chain of command. All decisions are made like battle plans and agreement is done by percentage, their society is determined by stronger and weaker, the stronger are respected on top and the weaker are dismissed to grunt work. When they craft a weapon it becomes their soul as they believe they and the weapon become one being instead of treated separately for the weapon saves their life in any conflict. To prove their worth they hunt for the most dangerous beast and bringing back its head shows they have manned up and are ready for even tougher challenges. Their world is fully mountainous and they have a balance of sea and land in their plane, they rarely ever go on conquests unless led by an arrogant leader. Tengu spirituality is that of reincarnation, if they fail to do well in one lifetime they know they will make up for it in the next lifetime for the universe also exists in a cycle.

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