Sci-Fi Class: Trooper

Troopers have more weapons, heavier armor and more defenses than all the rest because they go into the thick of battle at all times. They usually favor shotguns, machine guns or cannon blaster pistols all which pack a punch meant only on the front lines where the enemies put up the toughest and most insane fights you could get tangled up in. They get a scratch or two which is easily rectified by medical gels and gummis yet heavy armor makes the most difference between a strong man and a dead man, ask any soldier. They kill for notches when up against hostile and rogue life forms bent on their destruction but when handling missions that involve innocents they depend on their aim. Though some troopers seem to spend their evenings in gentleman's clubs or at the bar to get drunk, some are rather romantic in choice of lifestyle as they are also the well decorated soldiers of most sci-fi stories even though they seem grisly and swine-like just from appearance. Gathering intel or artifacts is part of their mission even though the majority involves rescue, sabotage and shutting down rogue factions, getting things of vital importance is merely a bonus for them.

Punisher Trooper

A sort of vigilante lawman whom feels that the handling of crime isn't good enough to make society feel safe. The punisher bears an individual license to carry out the law in areas he feels it needs to be existent. By all constitution and rights of the local government, he is granted role to enact and execute the law according to what he knows to be justice. Some would call him a freelancer cop but he is still bound by legal documentation to the ordinances of the law. A rogue punisher is automatically captured by civil guards and brought before a law tribunal to face his fate.

Freelancer Trooper

A trooper who isn't tied to a unit or a merc band just a marine for hire or would take any contract there is. The freelancer always has his own collection of modded guns and rounds, in sci-fi having a modded gun is typical of a trooper or any space marine. Freelancers make up their own rules and make money in whatever way possible which makes others wonder if they are rogue or paragonal which remains a debate amongst the best of psychologists and even scientists.

Commando Trooper

Usually the ruffians of sci-fi and never received lightly but when it comes to hard fights that land the best of fighters in a pinch and become major concerns for authorities they are willing to pay the bounty for the solving of the situation and commandos who often lead merc bands are never clean as innocents are as much victims as the bad guys are!

Ops Trooper

Ops usually means operations soldiers in modern terms but in sci-fi it means a trooper with psychic specialty meaning they go into hot and heavy situations depending on the most powerful psychic abilities as well as heavy hitter guns along with their trusty armor to get them through every battle. Ops troopers are hard to escape so its better to take cover from them which is often what their enemies do so the psychic powers never catch them unguarded. Their helmets more than make up for energy storage and protection from telepathic intrusion of other psychic enemies.

Bushido Trooper

Bushido is Japanese for a sort of samurai sword, bushido in sci-fi is a discipline for a trooper specializing infiltrator arts. They are much like your common G.I. Joe soldier who has martial arts, bladesman ship and straight up heavy fire combat skills. The bushido trooper takes close engagements from desultory enemies with a vibro blade or combat stick and even takes down those sticking in cover down with their bushido skills. Other times its about the heavy guns in close proximity or the rapid fire guns at range.

Cyber Trooper

Cyber troopers are very tech saavy and very good with mechanics so long as they aren't in close proximity to enemies. They can hack or override door commands even in the heat of battle but only behind cover, every now and then they will mail in a shot or two to suppress the rapid fire on them. They can use stuns to protect the innocent or sheeps in wolves clothes so that the only people they do kill are the bad guys. They are also the most proficient in mechs as they have piloting expertise, they are also good at calling in airstrikes on demand and can signal a weaponized machine airdrop within seconds of having the tools. Cyber troopers typically have more leather on than metal but know how to survive heated conflicts like any trooper.

The trooper is the most heavily clothed and armored person of them all, on the top layer he wears the exoskeleton armor used to keep most manners of nasty return fire from getting his skin. He wears under that armor a sort of bulletproof jumpsuit and underneath that his military training clothes such as the pullover shirt and the cargo pants. He has gauntlets for all backup weaponry, he has his carrying jetpack for all the weapons and supplies he needs for out in space, he has his helmet to survive the unforgiving environment of space or even a hostile planet and his punch hardened infused gloves. He wears mag boots for the purpose of levitating or gluing to the wall when needed and his thigh strapped medpack when allies or comrades are down in the field and need extraction or backup and his helmet most certainly carries headlights for exploring dark spaces.

A Troopers Gear

What is a trooper without his trusty heavy gun? A dead duck that's what! Going into heavy conflict means being strapped with the heaviest artillery which carries the biggest damaging rounds of all. Rapid fire and pistols are fine for fly-bys or silencing an enemy before he could alert the rest, but the big guns make the difference in every hot and heavy situation.

They say you don't bring a knife to a gun fight, nor do you bring a mech to a tank fight so that same goes for a cluster storm, you don't don leather for that, you don heavy armor. Every one who has signed up for the crazy missions knows this for damn certain, over half the carbonated bodies of the dead come from bringing the wrong outfit for the wrong fight.

Vehicles for big battles is what the troopers are the masters at doing, they can drive and fight from any one of them. When chaos comes to town, so do the big vessels making the fight that much more fulfilling for a soldier and that much more of a fair match for everyone.

Why leave your ass hanging out for the enemy to barrage? When charging through a storm of projectiles, anyone who has ever been in the battlefield can say you get chewed up easily just running through a rain of bullets; bring a shield so you can live to collect your credits. For better the troopers who do really well behind a shield get awards which gets perks of its own.

Grenades are always carried by any soldier, if you are in a cluster storm, these things are handy when flushing the cluster of enemies. The closer together they are, the bigger the boom effect and the more enemies taken in one throw!