Role of the Vagrant

Vagrants are universally Psions though because of fatigue from their form of mind power they use super tech as a backup. They also rig their sonic blast gloves with claws or spikes to land brutal punches when nothing else works, however they don't give the same pounding the way a fighter does. You could say that biotics like Jack in Mass Effect were a sort of blueprint idea for the later vagrant who's mind power is overwhelming in comparison to their bodies! They are often used on front lines for the elites or the anarchists to do either sides bidding of conquest or to help them gain expanded territory. They spend much of their time drowning themselves in literature while the Journeyer likes to blast the music in the next room of the hover plane. When they get to paradise they will have little use of their time outside of reading and learning since they prefer high intellect over power.

The greatest weapon of the vagrant is the pulse glove which is a sonic magnetic wave energy attached to their skin makes their massive psychic ability three times as powerful as their power usually is. Incursions? Sieges? Hunter bands? Forget about fearing them, with enough focused power they could unleash a mass wave of exploding mind energy creating quakes, rumbling waves and tipping the balanced ground to give the vagrant the edge.

Vagrants are the main pilots in the survival unit as Menders are the repairman making both them and the mender indispensable. Vagrants often have to wear the pilots helmet because of the intense light rays of the sun and sometimes the moon's intense light. The helmet also provides tracking and heat sensing abilities to locate paradise or to pick up the mechanical societies goons trying to blast them out of the sky.

Mistpunks rarely bother with guns since they have good enough tech and strong enough Psionic powers that guns and melee weaponry is useless plus tech weapons may have area of effect reaction, they don't bear the same level of power as Psionic force can! Still when it comes to taking out major shadowy individuals the dark energy gun does work in some cases, yet its as good as gun down and toss to the dead man type object.