Role of the Time Traveler

The Time Traveler is the other most interesting Steampunks of all time since Doctor Who in Prime-time English television where he became a phenomenon. The time traveler is focused on transcending time through exploring it all, he can go to the renaissance, the western times, the stone age, the roman empire, the Babylonian empire, the Chinese empire, the digital era of the modern age, the future, the distant future, the end of time or even the Victorian period. He often comes from the 1920's where the alchemist invented the time machine and the engineer crafted it so the time traveler could unravel illusive parts of history. He always understands the risks behind time travel such as destroying the balance of history, that he is to observe and make small changes but never drastic enough that history could take a whole new route and be derailed from its true course. He always thinks of how he left a love behind so he keeps a pocket watch on his person with a picture of his beloved so he doesn't spend so much time in the past or future that he forgets about her. The time traveler is the only worthy prophet in the pre-modern times besides the ones of religious sects with true visions and true divine connection, his worthiness is due to the fact he has actually seen what is to come.

The top hat is the most treasured upon all the fashions the time traveler dons since there he carries his goggles and because he doesn't care about its impracticality and he can hide things in it. The time traveler might like a number of hats like the bowler cap of the rich Irish men or the French beret but in the end he always falls back to the top hat.

The time machine backpack is fundamental in the time travelers exploit of time since how else does he go through history or even bring future artifacts to the past? Time travel of course. Other methods of course include using a phone booth as demonstrated by Doctor Who, using a bio-tube or using a vehicle to do it as shown in 'Back to the Future' even as the time-travelers were digital modern in apparel.

The cane always doubles as a sword but for the most part, the time traveler likes to strut his stuff on special occasion in the past and show his class in his time. Yet of all the things there is to do he likes to show off technology of the future to people of the past to expand their imagination of the future.