Role of the Streamer

The streamer in a more futuristic setting known as today's webshow streamer basically has become a prominent figure in the future as they are largely influential to teenagers and children. However at this time there seems to be much devastation in the world and using the usual hippie 'expose the conspiracy' or motivate a protest against the powers that be is ominous so they entertain so that people won't be curious as to what's going on outside of their safe zone. Streamers are the only source of news in this future as the big broadcasters only talk about whatever the powers pay them to speak about and they pay them handsomely enough to not complain. The streamer is a bit of gray since they could choose to serve the powers that be by suppressing the population into believing 'all is well in Zion' with their strength of charisma and personality or they could entertain the younger and give updates on what's going on in the world to the grownups. As it is with mistpunk there is nothing 'child friendly' or 'teen friendly' about the genre for it not only portrays the worst of humanity but also all the worst case scenarios in a very cruel way and it displays humanity's indulgence as though they were already wearing the mark of cain. It isn't an understatement to say that Streamers are the light in the darkness since besides surviving ambushes whenever they are spotted they generally don't fight. Unlike your prissy types a mistpunk streamer can fight if they absolutely have to do so but they consider fighting much like war which is a very ugly business. They live in a nice apartment in a tower or in an airborne fortress meaning a place above the clouds that floats and never moves or they are in a cloaked bus pod which moves around and creates a pirate signal which means an untraceable rogue signal that would blur all other signals if they tried to trace its location or make contact. Ultimately they either live like a truly apocalyptic character or they find a way to live above the mess while quietly aiding others in their hour of need. They send out drones for resources when needed but they do go out of their way to produce their own food so they can limit what they need so they don't draw attention of the nasty sorts. They might say that they survive with style! At least until the gates of paradise transform the world.

Not much to say but the way to survive an apocalypse in style is building what society discarded as impractical or taking its leftovers and capitalizing on its place and the ruined future world. It is their home while the world is a mess and so long as they aren't attracting attention they should be fine. That is if they aren't kept around for mere amusement and speculation to keep the majority sedate, in this case they have a nice apartment so they remain loyal.

Whether with the underdogs or with the elite, the streamer always found a way to make themselves come off as decent so they didn't come outright looking drab. They are after all the most important and influential people of the future enough to have the respect of the powers, the fames and of the ordinary people. They were a source of positive movements and spry motivation making ordinary people confident in themselves, they (even in the real world) have a definite way of feeling like a neighbor or someone an ordinary person met at the market or even a buddy in therapy because they came from ordinary origins themselves. They defined their character by desiring to live life to its fullest and with the experiences bring that back to their channel so it could rub off on other people. One should never say they aren't an audacious personality for they dress it, act it and speak like it every moment of their life and unlike the fames they don't pretend things because there is nothing else they can be but themselves. The only difference is they added a more robust personality and some fame achievements to their way of life.

As most people have rapidly abandoned the peddle flinging guns for something far more feasible and a bit more dangerous without the safety lock, the streamer prefers their nerd fantasy of having the blast pole which in fiction is called the 'ma'tok staff' or the 'ori staff'! The blast pole works the same as any gun save for it bears energy inside and when the button is pressed it unleashes devastating blows that could even eat through steel in mere seconds, that's deadly! It's both an advanced weapon and practical in survival since it doubles as a projectile at range and a quarterstaff in melee.

Of all things to value as a luxury the streamer loves secondly their jet pack as streamers are a sort of career geek much like pro-gamers! The jet pack can take them anywhere, up a tall building, to the convenience store, to the local club, to the fitness center or even to the doctor without having to learn how to drive a vehicle. Beyond that it is frickin fun man! The jet pack is their escape tool when in a jam, it is their exploration tool when they want to go for a hike, and it is their levitation device to drop in on a rock or techno concert. They are the only other people to be seen zipping about in jetpacks as ordinary people still work hard as a slave to be able to afford one of those cool tools.