Role of the Seeker

The mistpunk seeker, hunts for artifacts, relics, talismans, whatever power can be found in the world. They use the power for their own benefit or for that of the survival unit and if paradise existed they would like to be there. Their trusty dominators were hawked from the mechanical society for their own use seeing the things haven't been in operation for a decade. Their machine became their body guard as they went to ancient ruins or other ruins that had uncovered powerful artifacts. Their greatest tool is the magnetic locator orb and could track satellite and heat signature positions as well as significant materials not common in their time. Outside the elites what person in their right mind would seek to challenge a dominator which packs hard lead and punches from a cannon arm? Suicidal suckers maybe. The elites on the other hand put up a worthy fight though seekers know how to dismantle their machines putting them out of the fight! Their command ring makes the machine obey their every word and command so they don't have to remote control the suckers. In paradise they would like to tell stories and legends of all the powerful mystical artifacts they uncovered having made certain to research and study their history. One could say they were destined for a paradisaical role as a museum tour guide and historian.

The voice command ring makes controlling the dominator a lot easier especially for a seeker who's trying to uncover long lost powerful relics. It is also the tool to making the dominator crush any goons who got loose from their civilization under the intention to crush any survivors or were sent by the elite to track an escapee of tarnished society to bring them back by force.

Powerful relics hold many properties from enhancing one's health to increasing their awareness or reflexes, these powerful relics are sought after by even the mechanical society to give them an edge in their struggle. Yet usually the mechanical society only finds dark relics and not the one's the seekers find which have real effects and not delusional effects. The powerful relics means much to the mistpunk if it means to extend their survival!

The tracer ball makes a lot of sense of tracking artifacts or powerful relics since they are magnetically drawn to them no matter what they be!