Role of the Pilot

The Pilot is the more interesting of all the Steampunks besides the time traveler who is focused on exploring history. The pilot is known for adventure and represents the core theme of Steampunk which is all about exploration of the entire world. Some of their adventures are for searching for mythical, legendary and mystical places that many doubt exist simply because they've never seen them. The pilot is never made out for the quiet settled life but is too free spirited to live it because they yearn for travel and crave exploration. They usually own their own airship which can pack punches if they wish to explore a savage world outside their own, usually against the wishes of the supreme spiritual ruler they go seeking out holy artifacts and locations to unravel the truth of their faith behind the fairy tales the church creates to keep them believing the way the spiritual ruler dictates. Pilots are the inspiration of free-thinking that rulers detest of most since it means their conscious ruler ship won't prevail, pilots are the reason the Vatican's diminished in spiritual supremacy. Pilots keep their families close since kin are as important to them as being free-spirited is.

The aviator's cap is vital to a pilot since wind can be viscous at high altitude and since it can also get cold up there the cap is always fur lined keeping the head warm.

The compass is important when hit with a giant bank of clouds, it keeps the pilot from losing the course.

Before a pilot can commandeer a ship they must have a map to help them pinpoint their location for otherwise they don't know where they are in the world.