Role of a Ninja

The Ninja is your run of the mill silent stalker and assassin yet they are unpredictable in movement since they have the thing of picking a target and pouncing it at an opportune moment presented. Ninjas don't often do invisibility tech since they can make noise when engaged but they are light on their feet and are quick in movement which they must be to be the stealth. Ninjas learn the art of stealth when they first show interest in becoming a ninja, being an assassin is the only known job a Ninja can learn since they have virtually no other skills. They can take down agents without ever being detected and be into a mission wiping out targets within seconds of dropping in and be out of the area before anyone knows what happened. And also unlike the agent who wears medium exoskeleton armor they wear a lighter form of it so they don't hinder their stealth abilities. They are lastly the only other known exercisers of melee weaponry, particularly the vibro katana which is a top class weapon for any ninja nowadays.

Ninjas are the only Cyberpunks who consistently wear masks but more specifically the thermal ones since they scope out targets that way! It also hides their identity so no one can track them later.

As bladed melee weapons are radically vanishing from society, the laser katana remains the only worthy weapon anymore in a gradually futurism evolving society! Laser katanas are top class melee only the Ninjas own!

Ninjas make fast arrivals and fast escapes via speed bike which is propelled by the alternative fuel called electric aside from the gas replacer liquid petroleum!