Role of the Mender

Menders are the healers of the group both physically and psychologically yet they are also coaches emotionally trying to up the unit's morale. They also like to fix items and their transportation to take their minds off of the crazy events over a small course of time. They know enough about repair work to get the flying vessel back into a floating state or back into operational and good as new. Outside the survival unit their role in a faction is usually to get the combatants back up and ready to fight again! They are ordered at the same time to kill the unit member who has become inadequate for living and fighting even as like their anarchic unit they rather gain control of the city with whomever they have instead of doing as the elite masters demand. The menders are sometimes assigned to an elite master to heal him when he gets injured and to give cranial sessions to help sooth his senses (mind sex) which is when they link minds and begin running through desirable scenarios of sensory to create a comforting reality. The truth is that menders hate failing and when they do they unleash waves of drama in the unit until they have worn it out and recovered. When they find paradise they promise to finally rest without cares and would like to redeem their dream of being a singer/songstress to sing of glorious, perilous, utopian and challenging times.

Absorbing gel is an unusual form of medical tool that can handle most of debilitating diseases, ailments and pains, they may not be able to counter jading diseases like cancer but they can take care of common health hardships.

Considering their closeness to sadness or other crazy thoughts and feelings they quell it with meditation most of the time and so they use their trusty yoga pad.

The mender has no other weapon to their disposal aside from the shock whip which they can mind bend to be a highly volatile whip like weapon! The whip can seize up enemy movement, strangle an enemy who's only demand is to kill them, they can also grab an enemy and throw him off the edge of a tall building or throw him into the propellers to get chopped by the fan blades. The electronic whip was originally used by watch guards to keep the black sector inhabitants in their sector and from pull vaulting into the rest of the mega city. It was also used as experimental to keep criminals from escaping prison before serving their time in case they tried running. Now the mender uses it against those who once used the whip for utopian reasons thus transformed it to hold elite realm slaves bound to their masters and to suppress any uprising in order to create their supreme government, it makes the masters of dystopia run for cover now.