Role of a Mechanic

The Mechanic takes care of all the inconvenient stuff for the rest which is the hard mechanical stuff often involving drills, lasers and other tools for mechanical or repair work! They use guns just as often because guns come in handy when they are in a hot spot dealing with foes whom catch them trying to thwart their sleazy plans. Cyberpunk mechanics are basically the only cyberpunks who wear mesh as part of their general uniform as opposed to other common aesthetics of spandex, leather and other known parts of cyberpunk wear. They drive the bus and give aiding incursions when the situation looks grim leaving the drone work up to the hacker. Mechanics are commended for their ability to turn run down salvage into operative treasure, repair anything, mod anything to their tastes and best of all they know the best mods to upgrade a weapons effectiveness. They even know how to batter up any enemy or droid to flatten it and then damage its recovery, it would take laser surgery to revive such a broken being. They also like using riot batons in combat since they can more quickly end a battle with such tools.

Where do Cyberpunks find their vehicles? Usually the salvage yard where the rest of society ditches the worn out vehicles that no longer hold any value in a so-called evolving society. Usually however they go for buses because they carry a lot of crap and people and are easy to operate from. Some other vehicles are usually electronic sports cars or electronic speed bikes but for the mechanic the bus is an instant grab since they like driving something that can plow the road! Buses rival eighteen wheeler trucks in being tough vehicles and outweigh the muscle truck in being durable and invincible in many respects. They can hook up rocket launchers or side turrets to the bus and even an overhead grenade launcher for throwing out sonic grenades that cause massive noise explosions. In other words an upgraded and heavily modded military bus!

Battle droids or scorpion tanks are two major vessels built and often piloted by mechanics whenever they have a vendetta or want to even a score with some smucks!

The nail rifle or the penetrator in more technical military terms is a form of nail gun that shoots heavier and more brutal nails. This gun definitely pins your enemies to the wall whilst slaying them, this is quite useful against unarmored idiots and can injure the armored goons. This type of gun is amongst the bullet guns of the future that doesn't fire sheer bullets used in modern times but fires knife like bullets and can be enhanced with elemental or atomic property rounds which are the bullets place in the future.