Role of the Journeyer

The Journeyer is like the peaceful monk who has no place to go but where the wind and spirits take him his greatest companion is an intelligent animal he can see the world through the eyes of. The Journeyer in a survival unit is the pilot and navigator for the hover plane continuously depending upon his/her instinct to direct him/her into the right direction. The Journeyer is the one who has faith that a small paradise on earth exists though it is likely very remote! Journeyer's keep journals constantly so that their records could be read by those who find the journal and learn from the sins of human past. The journeyer can escape virtually any combat situation with their quarterstaff, in the dystopian cities they are merely scouts to find resources fighter numbers and property value for their faction. However for the most part the Journeyer sticks to a survival unit since they aren't naturally violent. Paradise to a Journeyer is what they call home, a place of refuge and peace or quite simply a place removed from the troubles of the world. Journeyers wouldn't mind being the cook's and tea makers of paradise since they couldn't imagine a role their better or even happier at.

The vibro quarterstaff is one dangerous weapon you wouldn't want to contend with and is all part of a normal looking walking staff that with a single button becomes a weapon. The Journeyer has the strangest ease in defeating any form of enemy especially since mechanical societies goons are usually husks or crazed followers of chaos.

The proto-respirator is designed to keep the Mistpunk Journeyer conscious, handle any kind of unbreathable condition and enter musky caves for hiding.

Search drones are merely for one purpose, to find a survival unit or to find a safe haven from the rest of the crazed world. The search drones have no fear of being shot out of the air since they are too far from the tarnished civilization to care!