Role of a Hacker

The Hacker is the least volatile of all the Cyberpunks since he has little desire for combat and only in a really dire situation does he pop up for a return fire wearing heavy exoskeleton armor. They mostly carry heavy artillery having no use for light guns that are hard to control and less accuracy as well as no spread. They just as well confirmed they suck at the sniper rifle so no bothering there yet they are bosses at defending their turf. They might have nothing on the adept but they are pros at hacking the mainframe, unleashing viruses on the unaware and farming coded info with precision withdrawing faster than the programmer can trace them. On the sidelines, they can program, modify and even design for the enjoyment of the online and gamer communities or even DJ at a club if they wanted to. Beyond their technical expertise is also their knowledge of the computer inside out, using mod chips they can trick out their system without having to upgrade anything and simply improving it by technical tweaking. All the cool tech gadgets and toys they get through money at their day job then using it to outsmart the average programmer, they are geeks or nerds but in a punkish way.

The night-vision visor is the hackers best friend when the lights are out and he has to piss, otherwise it is good to sneak food with! They also use it when outrunning an enemy hunting them through the night!

When the hackers machine is being compromised by an unexpected virus dispatcher they have backup drives and fore-plans that could anticipate the event thus having all they need without regret!

The hack chip is the way the Hacker breaks into entire systems and either farms information or steals certain secrets that corporations hoped to hide in order to make bigger profits! Corporations can never figure out how their so-called top security system got compromised before the press asks them how a Hacker managed to steal info.