Role of the Fencer

The Fencer is your average swashbuckling strapping handsome young lad, fencing is something he does as an art and as a guard in the royal court! The whip is often used by a guard turned pirate for the pirate court for those whom create the laws of the pirate. The fencer might in most cases seem arrogant, brash and sometimes a slight bit lustful but that is quite rare. The fencer could act as a vigilante hero to an entire people like Zorro or be a notorious mutiny slayer like Black beard. Fencers must learn to tight rope if they wish to face any condition of sword play, even do battle on the mast of a ship. Usually the intention is to disarm an opponent but in most cases they are ordered to slay the opponent unless they use their own moral judgment.

The whip is used as a backup weapon by fencers, pirates abuse it but fencers just to disarm or to draw in an opponent use it. Sometimes just for pleasure they'll use it upon a lady's bum or to pull her in for the suave kiss.

Tights are preferred by fencers who need good leg coordination and movement while in a fencing battle, leather or jeans could hinder their nimbleness. Ladies like it simply for the ass to stare at.

Tight roping often involves the strapped boots and so does standing on a mast ledge since falling can inevitably happen with one misstep! Most Steampunks do laced boots or shoes but fencers need their strapped boots since laces can get in the way and be the speller of their demise.