Role of the Engineer

The Engineer is the most masculine role there is in a Steampunk since they take care of the hard work, the fixing, the crafting and the forging. They are basically modern black smiths by standard, though they turn from generic sword crafts to gun and locomotion craft. They only use swords when something isn't working and they are being pursued by enemies, one whack from the sword and the malfunctioning industrial works kicks into action. Big swords are also useful when surrounded by foes so they make up in weight by muscle by wielding unruly heavy weapons and having incredible stamina. If a car breaks down in the middle of the path the engineer usually knows the malfunction and can amend it but it generally takes an hour to correct it since efficiency wasn't practical then. In a rescue team they can do the muscle work by breaking someone out of the sunken submarine or by freeing them from the iron carriage that tipped over. The engineer is the reason the Steampunk world continues to function even after certain things meet expiration of works.

The overalls are the defining fashion of the engineer since he carries his tools and even his swords upon it, it helps make up for his lack of fashion sense.

Welding masks are important whenever you work in a mechanical shop since sparks are always flying and oil always drips. The engineer uses it whenever he's hard at work.

The gauntlet is both the vice grip for the engineer and his ranging puncher in combat.