Role of the Alchemist

The Alchemist is mostly common in fantasy but has his big place in most of Steampunk fiction as well, he is the scientist, the magician and the ideal inventor in one. Forget the mind binding laws that men have created since they first learned the art of supremacy, relearn the laws of reality and open your mind to the possibility of magical, scientific and spiritual proportions. Potions are multipurpose, use them right and the battles will always turn out in your favor, use them wisely and you may have many friends and allies, use them cautiously and you won't spend your afterlife moping about the flaws and accidents! Iron your mind against all deceit, like the Atlanteans who's minds were foiled by godlessness thinking their ingenuity, steel and nature propelled society was far greater than any deity before the great flood took them, you won't share their fate for God is always the greater genius. Creating life might seem like a good idea for a trial experiment but like Doctor Frankenstein you could inevitably create a crazed killer, like Mass Effects Reaper machines. The Alchemist is only as good as his knowledge is!

Many chemicals can be hazardous so to avoid inhaling them, wear your trusty invention the respirator to keep your health at norm.

Alchemic rings might seem like decoration, yet they also have enchanchments like adrenaline shots for Cyberpunks such as heat sink for courage, cold sink for calming, numbing sink for pain endurance and detection of buried or hidden objects.

The ray gun is like no other invention, it creates a heat wave and incinerates threats while subduing fledglings. Though not practical in a modern time since it doesn't fire bullets, its more useful for even the police!