Role of an Agent

The Agent is a Cyberpunk you won't quite take for being of the crew at first since he seems like someone brainwashed by corporate ideology and bound by contract to the establishment. Yet like so many agents he quickly learns the dark truth and joins the crew because of what he unraveled he has deep knowledge of a conspiracy that the public is blind to. Conspiracies are common place in Cyberpunk fiction yet only the agent has been to the root of it and seen the reality behind the beneficial package. They are very covert about everything and plan out their missions well since an agent is a noob if he doesn't plan ahead on the conditions of the mission assumed to be difficult. Ninjas are their nemesis since they use everything from sniper rifles to sneaking in for a surprise attack having every sense of how agents move. The only friendly ninja they ever encountered was one of a Cyberpunk crew who knows the stakes and the score like they do.

Tranquilizers are the only thing effective outside the nature property enhanced mags which don't kill people but put them out of being operable for a long time! This makes the agents mission far easier than before.

The agents proxy mine is the only way to avoid direct contact with heavily armored or a big group of combat droids! Poorly armored and under prepared men are too easy for an agent except when he takes on a ninja yet other than that, traps are his best friend in a mission.

Bullet vests are a good aesthetic to have when your enemy can be well prepared to run you down, most agents have these just in case of a slip up!