Sci-Fi Class: Technician

Technicians are known well for their expertise with tech, mechanics and engineering, some choose artistry, some choose programming, some choose concept work and others do what is in the other fields to do. When in combat, they prefer drones, battle androids, light weapons or blaster weapons and even sometimes to set tech traps for the enemies. They sometimes work through the cyber realm or in the machine world which are the places they feel most at home, many technicians become medics for tech is very useful in the medical field. As though they are the roguish types, they are known to do what is convenient for the moment yet they always make the right decisions turning every situation against the bad guys. Some say they are your typical horny fat nerds who sit in standing lounge chairs while watching dirty videos or otherwise due to a lack of attraction and desperate for a love life, yet those claims are untrue and even the nerdy technicians resent such stereotypes. You will often find them in insulated clothing when on the job or in the field instead of leather or heavy armor and definitely not spandex. The jobs they often take are either with enterprises, independent software companies or aboard a star ship which is also their haven.

Juicer Technician

A field medic who uses tech to do cover and shielding work while he aids a wounded soldier to get him to a proper medical facility for full scale repairs using his technical expertise. His knowledge of the human body is essential to how well he gets someone back up to speed and back in action before the next conflict. He can eliminate any disease or fever and even viruses like cancer with top of the line tech that makes such jobs seamless. He can even regrow a person from leftover body parts or whatever remains of a person who got spaced or badly damaged after a battle where most others would put the body in a casket. The juicer has no need for mechanical or synthetic implants making him the most trustworthy of any technician as they are more than often feared because of what they know about the cyber, biological and tech realms, they also have a level of spiritual knowledge enough to respect anyone of any religious background.

Hacker Technician

A hacker isn't cybernetically enhanced but knows enough about tech to break into the most secure bases or other high tech security places. They are just as villainous as the Neuromancer but unlike them they can also bypass terrorist and cartel security channels to get anything anyone would want from them but that costs huge credits and the military is willing to pay that if that means getting needed intel. Hackers also sometimes are contracted by crime brackets to get tech plans or weapons they need to have an edge against suppression squads. What they get from either is parts, credits, drugs or junkfood, whatever they fancy they get it by doing stuff for both sides. The military always sees a hacker as a necessary evil because when criminals and rogue authorities or businesses have ways of being untouchable, they know how to bypass their most clever designs.

Neuromancer Technician

Tech experts who have moderate to insane synthetic and mechanical modifications to their body to make them able to communicate with the cyber realm. Some call them cyborgs though some have little more than maybe a robotic hand, synthetic implant chip in their brain and metal sensor slivers in their abdomen. They sometimes create VIs of themselves to distract foes or leave an extension of themselves in the cyber realm so none can ever trace where they truly are. They are the typical cyber terrorists and hackers who break into any cyborg or anyone rigged with cybernetic implants using those parts to control their bodies causing memory rewrite to make the hacked person fight for them or force androids to turn on their programmers. Many neuromancers however work to make tech function properly while the authorities seem too concerned with corporate matters to fix it themselves!

Adept Technician

A technically savvy psychic who merely uses tech to sabotage any tech wired or dependent facility and even use tech as a weapon against its owner. Unlike the cyberpunk adepts, they use cybernetics in concert with their psionic abilities making tech more dangerous than it originally was. They can draw electro-magnetic energy from the tech surrounding them causing it to black out momentarily so they can fuel their psionic gauge to full again. They are psychics first and technicians through interest putting them efficiently in both realms without limits making them incredibly useful.

Artimec Technician

Though technicians and infiltrators aren't often fond of one another being technicians see infiltrators as the bane of the universe, there is common ground between the two. An artimec uses both their technical expertise and their martial training as one discipline, their use for firearms is reduced even more since they have two worlds that make them powerful enough to not need such skills. They still use firearms for escaping deadlock situations in which they can't get out of without a full on massacre or a way to distract the confrontational lot they ran into.

Nearly like the psychic but with more jewelry or rather equipment involved hence including some weight in their job, the technician is basically the workman of the future dealing with all things both mechanical and technical which means they should know the hardware as well as the software. They normally wear jumpsuits but on occassion like to wear overalls like they grew up on a farm and sometimes like to wear the mechanic's mask as they don't have really any headwear save a VR/AR headset or a visor for technical work and wear a gaunlet for external and remote technical jobs. For shoes they go with mag boots as they also work on the outside of the ship meaning out in space and all for the purpose of keeping the ship from leaving everyone dead in the water when in the thick of the black void of space.

A Technicians Gear

Pistols are the most handy for any technician who is in a jam, they can fire one shot and hit an enemy or two to clear their way for whatever objective they are out to accomplish. Sometimes they are used in special ops teams as technical support while learning how to pop enemies more efficiently than they miss. Always a useful tool for a quick cleanup when something or someone bad is in your way.

When under pressure and facing swarms or clusters of enemies, always refer to your launcher for help when the storm doesn't let up, very useful when strained for time and you can't afford confrontation.

External programmed fighters make a huge difference to clear out enemies and keep them from reaching your location when you have important information to extract or need the facility functional again.

The holo-watch is a constantly needed tool, it can even double as an omni blade when needed. It carries all of the technician's essentials from an electronic perspective, like the time, their credits, inventory count and recordings of all kinds. Let's just say it is the agents watch given to technicians as a freebie.

At all times does a Technician carry tools for whatever he is doing, without it he is basically useless save for his knowledge!