Role of the Cowboy

The Cowboy isn't the life any Steampunker cares for even as he serves the lords above since his life is filled with crossfires, crooks and wild chases. The steampunk cowboy once known to ride a horse now rides an iron horse known as the motor bike which is his transportation and rides as fast as his retired steed. He's the only one that lives in Steampunk's dystopian world known as the wild west where the bad guys capture innocent lives for ransom, hold entire towns hostage wanting to test the cowboys fire arms in a quick draw or savages just raid the town taking captives away to their camp and the only steampunker who is fully gun toting plus uses karate and throwing knives unlike other steampunks. The dystopia is that there is little law and order in the west simply because the politicians are more concerned with the urbanized world than they are with outreaching settlements, such is the reason Texas grew so huge bringing law and order to territories needing it most. Unlike the other steampunks, cowboys don't live in a fantasy land but in a real world where history is altered to the realities of what would happen if inventions were given free reign since Da Vinci's time. The most magical mythical things a cowboy encounters are creatures related to native American mythology since they believe the spirits of the ancients make themselves most at home there.

The motorbike in steampunk fiction was introduced as an invention of one of the great generals during the American revolutionary war. It was rode upon during the battle of New Orleans also in fiction, it was also used as a maneuvering tactic during the civil war yet the cowboy got the most use out of it during his heroic rides into the scene and into the sunset.

The steampunk shades seem a particular fancy amongst the cowboys who like to look stylish and cool coming into town as they leave the same way.

It is said there is very little despicable immoralities in steampunk, yet the courtesan secretly changed that since each night when men are drunk she draws them into her private chamber. She draws them into bed with her giving them a night they could scarcely forget and only rumors go around town about the men she has had an affair with. She entertains during the weekend, sings adult oriented songs about violent battles, risque things done in history and about liquor abuse plus the raunchy things men say when drunk. She also serves drinks to interest men to come into her bed chambers for the night if they are up for it.

The early shotgun was best known as the blunderbuss and as true history has it, it really did come from the western era. However the steampunk edition of the blunderbuss is elemental in nature meaning this gun is rigged with an elemental power attached to it whether its flames, ice spikes, electric bolts or a splat of acid that is the edifice of a magically rigged blunderbuss.

The stage is the one thing steampunkers gather to for an entertaining event featuring the best guitarists and bards in all the land as well as a theatrical. As they gradually moved away from the time of kings they took on going to a live concert over a ballroom as usual classy steampunkers do, the steampunkers love to sing the blues or sing about great times. Why go to some classist pompous ball when you could watch a famous bard rock out in a theatrical? Beyond that, it sincerely doesn't cost an arm and a leg to do it.

Designed by an alchemist, the mechanical arm is a replacer for lost or poisoned body parts, most often this is present in Sci-Fi steampunk which depicts the 30's through the 60's yet made feasible by the famous Wizard of Oz and Tin Man series.

The outlaw is always looking for a score or wants to hit big with getting themselves into a position of great wealth. They have a motto of "were taking over this town" and run things by the rules of anarchy and one of the favorite rules is 'when there is a dispute of any kind, we handle it in a midday quick draw' which means if the disputers have guns they handle it by who draws the quickest and the dead man loses the dispute. That is where the dystopia setting comes in, as a town or city is run by outlaws or is a town for unbridled and dishonorable gunslingers who just love to shoot things. Only when the Sheriff, the Ranger or the Cowboy steps into town do things change and they drive out these scum bag misfits from the midst of a settlement. The steampunk setting just creates more calamity than before making it look like the transformers have come to town to do battle.