Dream-Fiction Realm

Shifters, those able to jump between realities and jump from one end to the next of a single world sometimes warp in the vicinity of an arena. They make magic seem like an every day thing yet they don't use magic but can manipulate gateways, portals and wormholes at any time they wish. They fight from a distance or spring into the action coming out of it without having seemed to do much at all while others break a sweat in the fight. To a shifter there are no boundaries except that which is warded against the energies and chiis of the universe known distinctly as iron or steel as it is also called. Their main interest is in finding lost civilizations, long forgotten and only myth spoken artifacts or even unraveling the truth in rumors and crimes. They aren't psychic so to say but are merely people who are as average as you and me but have the gift of going wherever they wish without the need for transportation. Like the out of the way woodsman they don't live to impress society or get involved in any affairs but love to do things most people are too scared to do, the lancer on the other hand is mischievous and when angry tricks someone with a vengeful smile.


A shifter who goes after long lost knowledge, artifacts or ruins they could tip the balance of history making it to where it is all connected instead of disjointed. They are the usual adventurous archeologists who end up with all kinds of tussles and often come out rewarded for that which they chased.


A shifter able to manipulate time merely to slow it or augment the moment of an event long in the past. They have no desire to exist within the moments of conflict but when they find trouble they use their time slowing ability to defeat their foes and vanish without a trace through a shift.


A piratic shifter who wears a turban also often called a corsair yet they can slip from any trouble in the blink of an eye with shifting ability. They often use their shifting ability to steal anything they desire and vanish before they are caught in the act. They are notorious for kidnapping, ambushing and trapping anyone they could use to get anything they want when they demand it in exchange for withdrawal.


A shifter in the same tone as the sci-fi master class yet can open portals across dimensions and even hop from one end to another only entering the mists to do their leap. They are known for double bladed quarterstaves and are considered the essentially most dangerous people to run into.


The few shifters who can take on a hoard of enemies all at once, can even toss one through a shift and have the collide with others making them barrel into the bulk up of the hoard. All shifters can cause an enemy to charge into a shift and ram into another enemy but few have it in them to challenge a hoard.


A vaulter is a venter who doubles as a shifter, they can divert enemy attacks to turn against them and use both abilities to thrash them from unseen directions. They are masters at purging monsters from the fabric of reality by encasing them in their own without much effort. They can also leave like most venters a smokey image of themselves as a distraction and when they want to, apparate anywhere without truly being there for they are dreaming in a whole other place. The apparition is merely their mystic form, them in a dream state yet present enough to appear in other places. In mystic form they can create major illusions but not truly harm anyone save their sanity!


In fantasy they are free knights who help only peoples, lands and kingdoms in need of a hero; but here they are shifters who close any tears in the veil between the world of nightmares and the other dimensions. They focus their shifting abilities to sever the link mend the tear and put the monsters where they belong. They dedicate their whole life towards battling monsters wherever they are knowing that sacrifice will mean others can live in peace!

The Shifter's Luggage

The artillary jacket is used on military bases as part of training exercises whereas in this world the shifter uses them to carry a plethora of tricks, weaponry and antidotes for injured people in combat. Thus it carries everything one would need in a heavy engagement and all resisting the cost against speed because of weight.

The split toe shoes are ideal for running or pulling off relatively nimble to acrobatic tricks while in battle or for showing off. Other shoes which are for sports or fashion or ground combat don't cut it for what shifters do and that involves outmaneuvering foes in battle.

The bag belt was a new fashion thing of the 90's but in this world it is considered the essential snack or food carrier when on trips. The bag belt doesn't carry other accessories except drinks and munchables hence why it is their inventory bag.

Though it looks like a cosmetic item used by courtesans which were renaissance harlots also known as the medieval cabaret players or else by models and other girls groomed for attracting suitors. It is instead a bladed fan used in combat to capture weapons or halt their advance and sometimes to dodge them the way a matador dodges a raging bull. When whirling they kill or dismantle with the tessens often mistaken for cosmetic artifacts when not observed closely.

The by far third coolest weapon in the world next to the sword and bo staff yet being far more brutal in a very ironic way. It seems to take serious aim to make a whip work as a weapon but a chain whip makes it to where any offender approaching might get wiped by the whip. On its end there may be a hook or a short club or even a spiked mace and with enough momentum you could easily smash someone with it, if anything deadly is on it then many kills will be reaped through it by the poor fools who approach it without thinking. This isn't just some dominatrix item it is a weapon of great caliber much like the sword or the crossbow.

The shifter even as the rogue knows the modern world is unforgiving to anyone who relies on melee weapons in combat so they bring along pistols as a backup or preferrably as a main weapon especially when being chased. Backalley kerfuffles are no issue for them so long as they don't get surrounded and they are known to sometimes hang around the rough elements being they do love a good gamble and if caught trying to be sly they'll do a pistol whip and make a break for the exit! Even as roguish types they aren't quite as casanova as you'd expect unless you catch them in some hooker mansion which they'll deny if asked, they have to have some secrets you know! Of course if you'd need something in some locked up facility or so then they are at your service as they love a high stakes challenge where they get to use their pistol!