The DNA and Cell Trading Facts in the Mysterious World

Now if you aren't squeemish, escort the youth outside because we are about to do an educational session regarding biological realities and get into the nitty grittiness of species sexual rituals. Don't worry, it is perfectly scientific and ultimately requires consent as well as a respect for the body as we know it because no two beings are the same though collectivists would argue so, we don't live by one size fits all. As more intellectualy governed beings we must keep in mind that what one race finds attractive enough to wake up in bed next to isn't what another race would consider so.

Human Biology

In this future time, humans are not set on a doll figure for men or women but prefer women more athletic in build and men more slim. Essentially the wonder woman and nerd pairing we call it. In this time humans could potentially live to two hundred years depending on how well they take care of themselves along with genetic boosters. They normally don't become highly sexually active until around their twenties though adolescence is the time of curious exploration and fictionalizing the ways they make love. Humans sexually active in their teens are usually deemed wild and irresponsible having no vision of a future for themselves or their families though in the past it was largely due to cultural upbringing and social infastructure, in the high tech age it is frowned upon. They are said not to be in a physically appealing form until their twenties because their bodies have fully grown out by then and humans take good health very seriously in this age, hence why they also frown upon drug abuse. Women are preferred with their chests and birthing area proportionate to their size and weight and men have their schlong four inches at longest though it is rare though some call it a sign of 'extreme fertility' just as the pinker the birthing area the more fertile the woman, mind you this is speculation and hasn't been tested. As it stands, in today's world more children can survive to adulthood amongst humanity than were able to centuries or a millennium back which causes the other races alarm they might end up taking over the galaxy in just three generations so they have to limit the births to maintain their allotted region.

Asarian Biology

How these alfenoids the asarians mate is as much a fascination as their ability towards mind over matter, some are born bald and others with dreadlock like hair where their skin colors come in dark purples to light greens or blues. In some cases they mate like humans having the same physique while they can manage large chests even with slimmer bodies and its inconsequential to their backs and this is likely a result of their bological species evolution. For them, mating is equally a necessary part of their survival as is psychic discipline. The men have at shortest two in a half inch schlongs to five inch making it appear as if they were partly octupi. They range equal to shorter than humans but live two millenniums and their children don't achieve adulthood until two centuries into life. In intercourse they don't exclaim like humans or other races who project their emotions openly but experience it like an opium ritual. They are by far the most open about their sex lives more than any other race but don't treat it as the one subject of interest to them, their prime subject is of course psychic ability and mostly mate with races that have the aptitude for it.

Navi Biology

The alfenoids who are morally driven as a species and race thus sexuality is often kept regulated with social rules of intercourse, birth rate and other matters particularly surrounding how emotion is the currency for intercourse to begin. They exist in clans thus they don't just choose anyone to mate with but must form a bond with someone before they even consider the rest of the benefits. Yes there are as many regulations as a home owner's association when it comes to their race, they also have an ability towards shapeshifting but have nothing in common with symbiotes as many compare them to such. Their true form seems animal-like as for their physique most everything about them is small, smaller chests, smaller schlongs but not terribly small and of course smaller birthing areas which is usually why they exclaim loudly when it comes to asarian or amphibianoid races when they choose a mate from that race. They family sizes between mates is usually four to three children because they have to regulate birth rate, they achieve eight hundred years or six hundred depending on health and survival in certain conditions where they achieve adulthood at around eighty years.

Martian Biology

Martian or the typically higher intellectual alfenoids are also taller than the other races achieving ten feet at highest, one might fight their form of mating odd as they merely shake hands and that becomes the extent of their mating passing genes between hands and their children are born by phasing out of the mother's womb. The martian women have only bumps for chests and no birthing area and of course the men have virtually no schlongs making them equal to human-made dolls so you can imagine this biology is both odd and dull. They don't understand the mating of humanoid races, the necessity of liquidy interconnected dances and how they pass their genes around seems unecessary to a martian but they do eat like humanoids which isn't foreign to them.

Krogan Biology

In a fashion, many races complain that the amphibianoid race the Krogan could outstrip any race in how many young they birth and thanks to hyper medicine every egg they lay for youth survives to adulthood and they could spawn a tribe with one male and one female. If there are a million of them then managment could be strained as they populate and spread faster than mud in water. Again they have to limit how many children they have as to not upset the balance within the galaxy and their schlongs, chests and birthing areas are like most amphibious creatures on any planet. They don't birth like mammals but lay eggs as we have covered earlier and those eggs are kept in a secure area of their homes until they hatch and as they are nomadic or very outgoing as a race and tend to rough house they don't have the same facilities of living like humanoids do. They are basically a hoard in family structure and they often live to five hundred years reaching adulthood by fifty. They make 'live fast, die young' appear as an activity for amateurs as they are famous for merc work or any measure of warriorhood.