Dream-Fiction Realm

The Pounder is often the mighty student of the master who is revered above all the other students still in learning for his speed in learning excels beyond all others. However due to how much strength the pounder has he is also the most dangerous and feared of all other classes since he can more easily destroy everything than others can due to his Samsonite mass. Like all others the source of his power initially is his heart so the only way to strip him of it is to render him disabled or kill him. Through such force there are two major paths like every warrior, the way of the open palm or the way of the closed fist for the way of the bared claw has ending and beginning but achieves neither purpose nor reward for he might as well vanish if so. The pounder undertakes journeys to complete his path of enlightenment such as pilgrimages or to achieve master warrior status for one who survives the forces of nature is ready for anything. His tattoo is a sign of his greatness but is also his armor against the psyche of others which hold more power in a mystical realm than in a physical one. The mightiest honor a warrior can achieve is fame in all realities and across all lands for when his reputation precedes him people know whether to honor or fear him, he obtains a name amongst the people and in time becomes a legend. When he fights he is fierce, when meditates he is calm and when he loves he is gentle for that is the reputation any warrior should have.


A pounder focused on the mass of his muscles using his kinetic energy to create shockwaves and blast through strong walls. Mighty monsters are juggernauts while fighters of greater muscle build are also juggernauts returning the same amount of kinetic force.


A pounder known for decimating clusters of enemies thus he is often the first to act and the last to the scene. He is also known for speed fighting making others appear slow as turtles, before he is done, entire enemy forces are broken and forced to retreat.


A pounder who is filled with bloodlust as part of his focus using every forbidden martial art from the five finger death punch to the throat ripper and the foot spear to the head carving right into the brain. Pounders are clearly psychopaths for taking up such a discipline if they do practice it, for even the greatest martial artist knows that life is precious.

The Pounder's Luggage

Usually armor is physical and requires plates of steel, padding or deflection tech yet for the warrior it isn't the physical he is guarding against but instead the psychological and supernatural. In some cases it is honor amongst his kind or in other cases a marking of his coming into manhood, when a woman takes on this she expresses a manner of toughness in both physical and personality.

When pounders deal with a mass of foes or a foe at their level or even greater, the honing rod makes great for beating up their foes. With even force they can impale their foes but they have the decency not to unless they are carnagers in which case they treat it as a sword and not a bat. They use it like a sword when engaged in combat with both hands or use it like a dao or gladius whichever style they are fond of in battle when facing a foe with a weapon.

When foes won't come in closer for a real beatdown the pounder acts as a cannon using what may seem normal or as stress relievers. It is pretty therapeutic to watch mayhem yet when these balls hit something at high speed it unleashes the same force a grenade would upon exploding. Anything physical caught in the path of the exploding ball should prepare for a big fat demolition moment.

Who's to say the pounder has no sense of style? It may look like some fisherman's hat but in the pounder's sense it gives off a dignifying look and protects against psychomancy.

A pounder is well planted in the ground and because they depend on force more than limberness and agility they wear steel toed boots. The steel toed boots adds force to their kick as the iron fists do to their punch, they become doubled with such items on them in combat.

As the essential hulks, pounders know that the modern age relies less on blades and more on firearms so they take the shotgun being they are good with close up action. Usually in a bar where a fight breaks out because some baddie started it they put them on the run the way a farmer does to a trespasser which is why their foes shouldn't attempt tangling with one who means business. If a foe should do anything, it should be sitting down to a drink with them because pounders are seasoned fighters and could pummel most of their opponents into the mud. The double barrel shotgun is the pounders best friend however when it comes to deviants who mean violence because there isn't any walking off getting hit by those.