Mystic World

Most mystic fiction goes as far back as the Nordic tale of Sigfried, the Hindu tale of Baba Yaga or Dante's Divine Comedy (designed to express Catholic views and beliefs and frankly most common Christian beliefs) though most religious fictions express their beliefs. The comic book world decided to challenge conventional beliefs with Todd McFarlane's 'Spawn' which expressed the souls of man as being the children of a genderless god who was in mortal time Jesus and Buddha and various other holy figures who emphasized wholesome innocent goodness having no hatred nor grudge for anything or anyone yet saying the Christian God and Satan were equally at fault for the peril of the cosmos. This story in itself got mimicked by Kaori Yuki's 'Angel Sanctuary' by saying that no one between heaven or hell was truly innocent save for the few who tried to keep peace in the cosmos and live how they decided to live instead of submitting to fate as playthings. Later came another work as a cinematic film called 'Legion' which expressed Michael as mankind's only defense against the holy forces who felt it time to either corrupt or destroy them and a woman was pregnant with humankind's only savior who was Jesus reborn yet in this tale, God is expressed as believing mankind was a mistake of creation and should have never been allowed to exist ever. Anyone of these tales apparently took influence from 'Paradise Lost' seeing the devil from a different light as in saying that becoming the lord of darkness wasn't his choice but was his fate, this really raised the ire of the Christian world who flamed it as 'blasphemous' and the chief of all heresy. In spite of all this, others merely saw it as fictional works and 'what ifs' as we should all see such works that don't have ancient history to authenticate them and make them valid facts. Video games took their own shots at creating a fictional masterpiece but not in a recognizable universe, they chose a universe that was very much fictional and maybe in some way, fashion or form reflecting of ours. A famous example is Capcom's 'Devil May Cry' series featuring a heroic mercenary tiefling protagonist who has a brother who is basically the opposite though unfortunately crazy and driven to seek after evil even as he has a hint of honor and good in him much like Kylo Ren of the Star Wars saga. Other examples include Whitewolf's Vampire works as well as the famous 'Vampire - The Masquerade' role playing games, more is the famous 80's show 'Highlander' which is about immortal warriors who are made immortal by lightning from the sky (in other words a gift from the heavens) and they can live in daylight, further examples are all fantasy rpgs and more specifically 'Neverwinter Nights' which has both Aasimars and Tieflings as well as the other beings. I, Frankenstein is the only example of changelings which are basically paladins or angels who are disguised in gargoyle form merely to decieve mortals and demons or other cursed beings and undead to their true form so they can catch them easily off guard. The generally traditional and more romantic versions of mystic fiction involve a broken or scorned warrior or a destined person living an ordinary life yet fated to have peril and destruction visit his villiage which encourages him to go on a quest to aid the heavens to destroy the demon realm in order to save mankind from extinction and the heavens from corruption. In some of these fictions which by dictated tradition portrays god as the guide of this destined mortal being to help him end the rising tide of evil's plot to destroy the world and showing Satan as a spoiled spirit who wants to get his revenge after being either humiliated or scorned over a difference of opinion on right or wrong and mostly because he often had a monstrous idea of how reality should be. One series of angels and the heavens being portrayed as humane and fair is 'Maximum Ride' but this also showed them as being sabotaged angels who apparently fell out of the heavens by accident and were captured by scientists to be experimented on even as the scientists had too strong a skepticism to have any faith at all (you could say this is opposite Phillip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' series) and most of these scientists sometimes unwittingly serve demonic forces, some of them without knowing the true nature of their masters. In the movie I, Frankenstein, the demons used a major scientist Doctor Viktor Frankenstein's test experiment to further their goals of bringing hell to earth of which to assault the heavens. Over it all, this is the realm of mystic fiction, where the heavens and hells clash in the mortal plain.


Vampires, the cursed, the damned, the feared child of the night, the bloodsucking demons and lords of the undead. Vampires are often seen as kings of the wicked on earth having made a pact with the devil in ancient pre-historical times in exchange for eternal life thought it came with a price which meant they'd always have to fear the sun. As the ages came and went, they found they were vulnerable to more than the sun, they also had a phobia of fire, ultra violet liquid and weren't told that they could still be slain like any mortal by having their head seperated from their bodies in spite of not being victims of time anymore. Though naturally red eyed, their eyes glow different colors due to mood and emotions are dictated by their cravings instead of consciousness (which governs man's sense of right and wrong) and mostly they were willing to embrace the power of darkness for greater power and longevity all of which were lies. Conscientious vampires in most tales and legends were overcome by despair as mortals or were robbed of wholesome existences by vampires who envied them and desired to see them suffer in order to feel fulfilled in their hatred of them. Some vampires seek this curse for the purpose of sinning without being accountablefor they are damned anyhow and chase after lives they weren't meant to have which often attracts mobs of scared and angry mortals to give them the blow of exile which to skeptics is death. Vampires fame has been in history mostly as villains or brats with Bram Stoker's famous 'Dracula' about a petty lord who lusted about the immortality of Christ by drinking the collected blood kept preserved over the centuries and instead reaping a curse to inherit and rule the night turning his servants into victims or slaves. In the more brat'esque legend exemplified by Anne Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles' and portrayed by the famous Lestat de'Lioncourt are vampires who live as they please even though they yank at the nerves of their fellow vampires who choose to live in shadows to remain safe from fanatical mortals which had in time made them less tolerant of light and the things that merely irritated them (in other words to be touched by any of these things means destruction) and people not only did vampires once upon a time explain psychopaths but also concieted societies of the powerful and rich. Only heartfelt vampires tell tales of their journey to being cured of the curse so they could return to a pure life and live in hope of being taken into heaven because of good behavior for they believe hell is for vampires to forever know agony, depression, torment and the infernal reality of dark memories that physically throttle them making them look insane.


Hyrions, the blessed, the exalted, the heroic lords of the day, the light harvesting angels and children of the Antediluvian blood (the blood and genes of angel endowned mortals with perfect human bodies) but above all, guardians of mortal men. Hyrions though more recent in fiction are seen as captains of the righteous on earth having embraced the light of the heavens that issued from lighting strikes giving energy and life eternal to any who could shed their fears of forces greater than them. The only downsides to their existence are envious mortals and the ignorant who'd call their gifts blasphemy that were stolen from god just as they think of anyone with special powers robbed them from god (like they were some prometheus taking what wasn't theirs for themselves or others) but for them the biggest downside is how mortals rarely seem grateful for what the heavens gave them. Their consciousness is guided by what they wish to protect or keep, some hyrions could be like Vash the Stampede while others could be like Frank Castle The Punisher (presented in 'The Immortal'), however there aren't enough fictions regarding their kind to impress a variety and if there are some real downside ones then they'd likely be fanatics who are chiefs in witchhunt organizations dedicated to ridding the world of deviant, fiendish and demonic characters or rather the ones they deem to be so as they are appeasing their clients and like the vampire who has a heart, they lose their status as one of the fold as they in time lose worthiness of being considered immortals.


Werewolves go as far back as 'the wolfman' and even before that in old legends from Medieval Europe to ancient mythological times. They were designed to explain a split personality as one half of the person is crazed and has kill fever, but the other is either a good person or a highly depressed person or quite simply a drug addict. In the holy tales, they were said to have been bitten by a wolf after god had cursed a murdererous barbarian for desecrating his shrine during a full moon thus making whoever he bit share the curse and the only cure was to behead a witch, cast her head into the flame and confront the cursed spirit of the wolf inside them or in scientific terms, take the antidote for it. Everyone knows that the werewolves one weakness is silver of any kind, once inflicted, impaled or injected by silver they immediately shut down and die thus sparing anyone else of becoming victim to their ravenous bite. In Underworld, they could change at will but in common folklore, it took a full moon for them to transform and go kill crazy, some see lycanthropy as a gift making the warrior a better hunter.


Changelings are synonymous from mythology to being considered demons of the pagan realm, they were more passionately recognized in Celtic Mythology as they taught druids how to change shape. In a lately comic book however the myth was changed into paladins or angels who decieved mortals by pretending to be mere decoration for Halloween or for simple art. In their gargoyle form they became much more powerful and more fearsome specifically to foes of the heavens and are considered guardians hiding in plain sight to those who knew what they were. For mortals, they who gave the most pleasing offering to the heavens were granted this gift in exchange for their loyalty, their faith and their willingness to act in the name of holiness but never having to slay without cause. In this same myth, for one to dishonor their oath would be hated by mortals and would plunge to their destruction if they entered gargoyle form under a fanatical or wicked heart. Often they like the idea of being this random being that no one knows and being decoration that no one notices unless they've seen them in action.


When a demon mates with a mortal, their child becomes a tiefling which is halfway between a demon and a mortal, they tend to have sinful habits and reflexes such as eating unhealthily, being drawn to sexual deviance, cussing in heated situations and getting really angry to the point of killing when people piss them off. Their human side prevents them from killing the innocent so they only enjoy killing the wicked, sheeps in wolves clothing are a waste to them, they have heart enough to understand emotion and to them, happiness is love. Though they will often dress like your typical rock rebel or alluring casanova they still behave like a cool person that anyone could feel comfortable around as being human is a bit mysterious to them unless they are Dante in which case understanding females/males is a mystery to them. Some tieflings have the typical horns and yellow eyes as well as red skin save they have dark brown hair instead of pure black like their demon parents (in most rpgs like neverwinter nights and maybe shows) whereas the anime-ish ones transform into some savage beastlike humanoid demon to show off their demon side and added unto that form is decayed and starved looking black gargoyle wings.


When an angel mates with a mortal, their child become an aasimar which is halfway as well, they have habits and nature of virtuous behavior like being vegetarians, lured into passionately romantic situations, meditating on their surroundings in heated situations and disappearing to their safe haven when people seek to anger them. Their human side unfortunately has habits of being very opinionated of others in which case they vent it towards the evil people, wolves in sheeps clothing are their bane so they banish them from their vicinity, they have character enough to understand a mortal's shortcomings and to them, altruism is love. They might dress like they have a taste for the high-end/imaginative or super conservative fashion (as in super-modest, no skin shown) they can still be very down to earth enough to make someone feel like they have a best friend in them, they find most humans confusing unless they are Mystic Loneworld's Araon who sees the misfits as the most confusing people of all. Some aasimars have the typical pale blue eyes, anime boy/girl complexion, peach skin and the sandy blonde hair instead of their angelic parent's pure glowing white along with silvery eyes and ultra-violet glowing figures (not a lot of fictions show or describe this) but the anime-ish ones have simply blonde characters with ocean blue eyes, paler skin and thinner more childlike bodies until they enter angel mode which then they show a heavily white armored being with a glowing face, glowing eyes, glowing handsome hair and a halo-ish headband that also glows and added is white dove wings.