Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dream-Fi Wiki

Science-Fiction the genre of curiosity about what lies beyond our solar system and desire to envision the future in the possibilities of technology, things like high-tech, energy guns, space rogues, space battles, star ships and alien species is what this is all about. Sub-genres of science-fiction are Superhuman fiction (centered on superheroes/villains or simply gifted beings of good and bad), Cyberpunk (centered on an urban world drenched in early futurism with some dystopia in the mix), Space Opera (Shakespeare in space basically with artistically decorative aesthetic) and Alternate History (An alternate reality or simply the outcome of history had certain events turned out differently).

Fantasy the genre of fascination with the unexplainable and tales or superstitions of the past wrapped up into a whole realm centered on it. Sorcerers, enchanted weapons, fabled creatures, disputes between non-existent kingdoms, wild adventures, humane magical barbarians, magical steeds and noble magical races is what its all about. Sub-genres of fantasy are Mystic fiction (centered on various religious beliefs like Eastern religion, Christendom, Buddhism and Pagan beliefs creating alternate reality stories), Steampunk (centered on a medieval/renaissance world emerging into modern times retaining magic with bits of social turmoil entailed), Dark/Mature Fantasy (bringing true medieval issues, superstitions and ethnic dystopia into the magical world painted in gritty aesthetics still bearing its beauty) and Modern Fantasy (Fairy tales, mythology or any other manner of fantasy existing in a modern time yet in quiet subterfuge so the logic, science and realism based society would never once suspect that fabled beings lived amongst them, in some but rare cases these fabled beings if evil could make quite a mess in the modern realm creating a big uproar and cataclysm being ordinary people never believed or have never witnessed such colossal things in their lifetime, some magical beings could transform modern crafts into magical designs like how Ghost Rider turned a motor bike into a more skeletal and burning motor bike).

Dream-Fiction the genre of speculation based on facts and ideas of what could be real given a realm untouched by our reality. Kung Fu masters, adrenaline and emotion based combat, jade foxes, energy vacuum rituals, stamina amplifying combat tools, terrifying monsters, alternate dimensions and strange but pleasant beings is everything this is about. Sub-genres of dream-fiction are Introspective fiction (centered on one's opinionated view of the story yet not the true story that is rudely revealed in the end, sometimes its a horror shock and sometimes its a motivation to change), Mistpunk (centered on the world at the end of time with high technology yet descending into a dystopian apocalyptic reality of a world gone absolutely insane, on how the survivors overcome and resurrect the world in peace), Bizarre fiction (creating a nonsensical reality where the most outlandish, outrageous, silly and most absurd things become reality) and Urban Dream fiction (considered the low styled and mature dream fiction often a tale of vagabond nomads who live how they wish respite how society tries to dictate their ways and often contest each other for their place in the world and then ending up having to clean up the nightmarish mess they made; the other half of it is often teen oriented filled with a dark atmosphere as in writhing nightmares or horrors of personality disorder to the points of a poltergeist coupled with emotional turmoil and sometimes bears extreme horror elements of dark nightmare creatures hungering for the main character's life).