Dream-Fiction Realm

Lancers are the type of warriors you don't expect, they aren't the ones who ride on horseback in a competition with a long pole to knock their opponent off his mount, they are the essential quarterstaff combatants. They have slight strength but aren't as strong as shifters nor as heavy weight as pounders but they bring enough force with their skills. The pounder knows how to use weapons so his foes never touch him and is quite set for being surrounded being he's got quick reactionary reflexes so even the quickest enemy cannot sneak up on him. They train their aura to recognize foes in any direction and are ready to receive them no matter how the foe comes yet they aren't so quick as to counter a speeding bullet if it was shot at them. They can spot enemies from a football field length away and can sense foes within a compound distance vicinity of them but when not expecting an attack they are vulnerable. When enemies try to ambush them it takes greater senses to catch them on kinetic radar so otherwise those foes can topple them within a breath of a moment when they are off their guard. They mostly are good with distance or reflex while being surrounded and even knocking enemies off their stance so they have a better advantage to deal with them. Don't try to assassinate them since they can easily sense or even smell danger whenever it is in their kinetic bubble.


A lancer focused in funneling energy in elemental and kinetic as well as telesthetic forms, his quarterstaff is merely the conduit rod to send the energy from its source into his foe. This art is for lancers who have enough patience to let the natural forces and energies do as they will when they call them from their source, they are just the usher for them.


A lancer focused on pressure points to lock down a foe and can use his quarterstaff to destroy them when he had enough force.


A very terrible lancer who has a bladed quarterstaff that shocks people or punctures them for them to feel pain and fear till they are submissive.


Usually a built lancer who brings as much force as he does agility, they would make ninjas run scared and are sometimes incredibly hard to defeat except for the venters and shifters who could tear them down easily. They always use reactionary kinesis as they have practically no use for chi being they are mentally limited as far as that goes so kinetic energy is always their friend.

The Lancer's Luggage

The long coat is the arch of preferred fashions by the lancer since they love it flowing behind them, love how it makes them look very classy and how it makes them look like they mean business if you harass them. The coat catches fire taking the blow for them so when the next comes after them can dive and role, but for combat value it is good at storing hand sized things and hiding lethal things.

When an enemy can fire shots at them it is best they have a vest that can take it, it is also good against any physical confrontation or even general weaponry. It basically protects them so even those who sneak up on them don't get lucky but instead alarm them to their presence by feeling the force of the blow.

The bo staff is a particular kind of quarter staff that involves ones knowledge of the martial art for correct use and it is a deadly weapon in its own right as it can throw foes off the ledge to their doom. You can crack skulls with it, jam someone in the belly or gonads with it, trip someone with it or even toss someone with it so long as you hook their clothing onto it.

The best ranged weapon as far as a lancer is concerned, you can boomerang shields and hit more enemies while in battle. This isn't some Captain America only power, any lancer can do it and shields throughout warrior history were known as the greatest defense in the heat of combat. Heck you can even beat a strong foe up with this shield for it isn't just a defense item it is also a combat item.

A ranged person isn't very effective when they got light blaring in their eyes or the area has a sort of lighting that makes their sight tricky and obscured so they will need sunglasses to focus better and usually the sunglasses aren't too dark otherwise they'd have a hard time fighting even.

Being in modern times means coming strapped, so what is the lancer's weapon of choice? The sniper rifle of course because getting up close and personal is a nasty business especially if thugs are known for weilding knives but it isn't like they don't know street martial arts but they usually avoid getting into backalley kerfuffles. The many jobs for a lancer include being undercover agents but above all they are free-spirited jack-of-all trades casanovas when it hits them but ultimately loyal types who always make sure the never-do-wells stay in their zone.