Introspective Lobe

Introspective fiction most could say goes back to an ancient greek tale one adventurer told about his view of himself and of the world around him from various lights, each story having a seperate scenario and ending though not one being a reliable fact. In this case it began with going as far back as the famous anime thriller 'Serial Experiments Lain' as she shows the entire story from her own perspective but nothing truly making sense. The Korean story 'Tale of Two Sisters' tells the rather tragic story in the same way but giving one central truth, the girl wasn't happy with the life her father traded for leaving her mother and sister to fend for themselves and forced to endure her father's adulterous ways, she believed the removal of the woman who wasn't invited would put her heart and soul at ease and make her father realize how much he ruined her life though still blaming herself for the loss of her sibling and mother making her gravely depressed. In any fashion it comes, it could take on a variety of views though other fictions show it doesn't always have to be a lack of truthfulness, it could just as well be a lack of someone's more honest and lively character thus on a journey to either find their soul, their heart or their true selves while seeming to shift into different characters and seeing reality from that perspective as they are but a different ego of theirs. One famous example of this could be Jekyll and Hyde who are one guy who fails to understand which of these men he truly is, one being a fiend and the other being a kind person yet who is who isn't something he has discovered in all his genius.


The roughneck doesn't always mean some country guy with anger problems (or an oil rig worker who was also a former war veteran or even a vet who had aspirations to become a mercenary), in this fiction, they are seen as a shadowy and fiendish side of a male person. They commonly appear as oily black long haired, pitch black eyes, beat up complexion, badly scarred and hardly healed, black stage makeup having bled all over their faces, rotting corpse breath, rotting teeth, anorexic, pale as dead person and wearing a lot in the way of black clothing that looks ripped up and dirty along with long bruised nails. They often carry the most unconsciatable and cruel weapons thinkable like scythes, wavy shaped swords, chainsaws, a skull dagger and worst all for the purpose of expending the people they hate the most. In some cases, they can be such voyeurs that they'd be willing to sneak a peak at a hot girl in the shower, in other cases they will rage about all the people bossing them around or at them and/or anyone they cannot stand, any aspect of a male person's negative character they are the embodiment of.


The seductress is as she is, the negative aspect of a girl who uses her feminine and reproductive charm to get her way with anyone and can control many men with this personality. For anyone to step on her toes or put her into a foul mood will always get her vindictive plotting treatment or reaction making them seem the bad guy who tried to harass or mock her (much like the Biblical 'Pottifer's Wife') and can find ways to ruin anyone's life or reputation. They are good at playing victim by wearing the mask of sorrow, even exaggerating how bad the false treatment was even as the person they dealt with had never done anything of the sort to them. If they were craving something, they'd usually take the sexually devious route to get it whether it be drugs, beer, money, control, power or sex itself, they know how to get it and know men are generally weak-kneed for a hot and sexy girl. A seductress almost always appears with a sort of demonic, one blind or vampire eyed, they have the face of a beauty product icon and a body made for a bedroom, their hair is always in such a way that it makes it impossible for men to resist their charm, they have long fingernails that are often colored red like they commonly draw blood from the resistant, they have clawed gloves or finger rings, they always dress to allure and their outfit should it emphasize sexuality is often pink or even hot pink, they have the large breasts and big butts that make most males quite horny and they wear stiletto shoes of any kind hiding a dagger inside it or a heel hook to deal with any insurrection gruesomely.


The male husk is the most emotionless and nearly featureless of beings save they aren't pale or scarred, they just lack eyebrows. Most of the time they appear as cancer victims yet the form of cancer they carry doesn't kill them but destroys character to the point they are like a blank slate inside and out. Husks of any kind are nearly similar to zombies as they are incredibly dead or rather, they are truly dead even as they appear animated and with a voice, it is because the person they were is gone. This reflects a metaphor of a person who had lost their former selves in favor of becoming someone else but died in the process and are now nobody, just doomed to live out the rest of their pathetic life as an empty shell that looks like a lab experiment. Hence the lack of personhood and the empty shell syndrome award their given name 'Husk' and they can never return to whom they once were where in the real world they feel dead inside and are living out a painful existence and yet they feel nothing about it, not sad nor happy, not even angry, just empty.


Usually a shriven woman is a metaphor for a girl who got used up and chuked out of the life they got naively fooled into believing they'd live a far better existence. They once knew who their friends were but after all the rage they became the most gossiped about and the most scorned, having no choice but to live out an empty existence by forcing themselves to care nothing for the memories of how badly they've been treated until they are merely husks. Like the husks, the shriven are blind thus representing the truth of their ability to discern character and their awareness of the world about them thinking it to be like in the tales, romantic, honorable, friendly, modest and noble when in truth they found full of scoundrels, despicable, hostile, arrogant and selfish. Their dry hair reflects how they tried to find love but every time they thought they did, they got used up and ditched to the curb with tears as their consolation prize and their innocence ripped out like their heart. Their lack of eyebrows shows how they've lost their soul in the process as well all because they were easily fooled or they were bitterly decieved and have gotten to a point they've stopped caring and like the husks they too have died within leaving only a vegetable for viewing.


A monk is the best half of any man, this being appears fully healthy, fully wise and is by all accounts a real man as he treats a woman as the better half of him. Often the monk can have a glowing angelic appearance, glowing hair and eyes crowned with a warm smile for he has seen the best and worst of times but chose to embrace the best. He symbolizes the most attractive of men as in those with likeable character, a handsome face, humane ideals and a revolutionary idea for better that makes his life and other lives around himself better. Like the others, he becomes essentially part of the same being or maybe is a mental projection of a particular person as is always the case in introspective fiction being it is based on one person's perspective. How humankind views angels and demons is different by account or idea but the monk clearly reflects the betterment of men.


A maiden is the best half of any woman, like the monk she too is quite healthy, radiant in appearance, empathetic and compassionate in a stronger way than a man and a real woman is clearly not high maintenance as she prefers to make a living from the skin of her hands and sweat of her brow as there is no point creating a luxury existence that is only available till death and in all that time she learns little other than how to reproduce, be marriable and be an interesting character yet in old age becomes bitter so she passes up the becoming 'girly'. The maiden is always an angel in character and a stellar matriarch when it comes to her children, she is often seen wearing a beautiful white gown that covers her almost to the neck and is considered the prime caretaker of the world that is and this is always in perspective of other people who see someone of that caliber with that personality and is always loved and appreciated. In any introspective fiction they are seen this way and for children they are seen as godly which is why a woman to be seen as a maiden must always remain virtuous in heart, body and mind and treated as one which is why she requires a romantic gentleman and whether this be introspective or real life its the character (though the image is but an ideal mental projection) as much as fact.