The Naughty and Raunchy Facts in the Conjective World

Now ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to present to you something that isn't for the kids so send your munchkins to bed and your snickering teens in the corners to their rooms, it's adult stuff. This is the sort of stuff you'd normally visit a pleasure house or watch a cabaret for where we talk about the word you'd likely get jail time in England for, yep, you heard it right! Sex! How we make sweet love and then we are blessed our munchkins.


Venters who are masters of illusion but can only cast the illusion from another person's perspective sending them into a trance. They do this by using vapors on the other person and venting it to create any reality they want that person to see, if upon an enemy it gives them time to escape.


Though in the real world they are priests who banish demons and rescue their victims in this reality they are venters who can expel any illusion or control given by monsters or psychomancers. They use the same focus but go into a person's nether mist to banish the shade of the possessor sending them out and undoing the illusion they endowed to keep their host from waking. They are often advisers to judges and leaders or any form of head figure that have full dedication and pure faith to dreams and light energy all linked to a spirit of good.


Venters that can do anything they want from a dead stare, whatever they want or envision the host doing that person does witlessly as the eyes hypnotize them into that state. The psychomancer doesn't voice what they want but transfers what they would like as the other person zones into their pupils seeing themselves in that venter's vision of the action they see them doing or would like them to do. Sometimes a psychomancer can control animals or even monsters through it, it is considered highly evil and illegal by all mortal accounts, having such power is seductive yet also wrong for they can control someone externally by implanting that idea into their head almost like possessing them and when it wears off the person is caught unaware of where they are and what they did. The psychomancer only ever learns their art from a dark spirit and chaotic energy as psychomancy is linked to nightmares.


A venter who also uses the force of the pounder to turn his foes into ragdolls they gather balls of energy and use it to deploy energy force against any foe they encounter. Their energy balls make them merely twice as powerful as any pounder and slightly as strong as any venter. They could even send basketball sized energy balls to throw a foe off balance yet doing so they consume stamina for depleting chi means fatigue.


A venter that uses the quarterstaff as their secondary weapon, they are the only ones capable of making golems from their energy being lancers and venters have more energy at their command than any other class.

The Venter's Luggage

The mask makes it to where the venter has more confidence for if no one knows who they are then they can't taunt or intimidate them and they can repel foes by reflecting fear back at them. It also protects their mind from the invasive psychomancers and it makes it to where it is much easier to not stare a phantom in the eyes.

The mirror necklace is the power to reflect energy or illusions so they dissipate within a short matter of time, they believe if a foe sees themselves then they come to a realization they are a fabrication and thus are dispersed.

The dreamcatcher idol dispels all powers of nightmares and monsters that they summon or invoke so everything they do is sucked out and turned to energy for the venter to use.

As it is, energy has its limits especially with venters who use more of it than any class but unlike other genre where special objects are worn to store energy, they store theirs in their gloves since their hands and feet become the conduits of energy as are their minds.

When depleted in energy or chii, a venter has a backup through juice which also balances their body so they can do incredible tricks. They always have a canteen to carry around so in any instance they should deplete energy they have it to back them up.