The Naughty and Raunchy Facts in the Conjective World

Now ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to present to you something that isn't for the kids so send your munchkins to bed and your snickering teens in the corners to their rooms, it's adult stuff. This is the sort of stuff you'd normally visit a pleasure house or watch a cabaret for where we talk about the word you'd likely get jail time in England for, yep, you heard it right! Sex! How we make sweet love and then we are blessed our munchkins.


Such as they are, thanks to medical knowledge improvements they can naturally see 60 or 80 so long as they don't venture into back alleys yet at the same time human men get their members circumsize upon birth and from there manage to get three or four inches at length. Humans can at tallest reach 7 feet and at shortest achieve 4 feet depending on their genetic background and diet. The human women have everywhere from d cups at largest to b cups so long as they don't go for the fake fillings in surgical procedures which would render them infertile as much as weight and diet can do so. Their life cave entry can be as small as half an inch or as large as two inches. Also thanks to medical advances they can have clans which is six to ten children but does require breaks in between.


Pygmalions are the size of midgets for the most part or probably half the size of an adult human at their oldest, they always appear as children and socially speaking that is a crime being how many human men took on Pygmalion wives. Their pagan ways speaks volumes to how they are with all these things, Pygmalions culturally practice polygamy which they reserve for those of high status in their society. All risque activities are kept in their pleasure palaces meant for worshipping goddesses of fertility but otherwise each one keeps a bed chamber with risque paintings and other unmentionable media within it because of creation rituals. The Pygmalion men, [by the holy ones this will be our doom] achieve usually quarter inch to at largest inchlong members and like any race their jewels are perpendicular to their member size. Pygmalions achieve at most 1500 years of life which is astronomical compared to any other race. The Pygmalion women have everywhere from a to sometimes c sized cups if blessed for themselves and their life cave entries are a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch in size. They normally can have up to twenty kids per wife or family depending on how fertile and healthy they are.


The Tengu are bird-like beings so they produce eggs instead of birthing young and they thirty to fifty years able to spawn up to nearly half a hundred young in a lifetime. Many of the races are alarmed at how quickly the Tengu multiply as they are a known warrior race who then to have rough mating rituals where the men have half to 1 in a half inch members and the females have three quarters to two inch sized life cave entries that usually become larger as they get ready to start nesting. The Tengu are up to a human's shoulders or sometimes the humans are at their chest in size and forget about cup sizes as the female Tengu have no need for it. When they start mating it is all left up to calling and songs to elect the choice mate for their ritual.


Now put those puns into your purses long enough for them to tell their information, these wooden looking and reptilian skin-like beings abide vegetation natural laws as they grow with water, seeds and dirt as their primary food source. They are considered the vegans of the multiverse but their mating comes down to a member compartment which creates acorns they give to a lover, the female woodling then puts it in their chest and from there they drop seeds in their fertile ground from the life cave entry which is little more than a hole in a tree and with good seasons along come newborn woodlings. You can pinpoint a female woodling from the b or d sized cup bumps upon their chests and their soft-looking oval shaped faces, they live half the lifetime of a Pygmalion but clearly more years than a human or Tengu or any fleshy being really.


This one is odd, being originated from practically jellyfish the spectrals are semi-flesh and semi-other things, their men have three to five inch members, their women have c to f sized cups and their life cave entries are 1 to three inches in size and they have enough children to equal the size of schools of fish. Spectrals live to 800 years if lucky but normally get 700 still that is a greater number than most organic beings and they aren't exactly the most attractive race in the multiverse even as they look better than the Tengu and Woodlings.