Role of a Vigilante

The Vigilante is the only force of utopia in a dystopia overrun world, they use every power necessary to motivate what they know in their soul shouldn't be ignored. They are often the first to act against crooked corporations, political deviants and cartel bosses knowing the cost yet refusing to give in to anarchy. Respite the other forces having either turned to gangs or to anarchy as seeing no other options for a better tomorrow, the vigilante believes there is other ways that the urban folks refuse to see. The idea that tomorrow will be a utopia is the thing that keeps them going forward even if things look grim, often those associating with him end up tagged as potential threats for even the vigilante can see a secret factional war going on in the system.

In some cyberpunk themes there is the cyber cowboy who has hacking expertise and knows how to make life easier for the poor! However once he is stripped of his talents through either an accident or federal agents tear off his body parts, he is forced to side with criminal misfits to get a prosthetic body only to return his life to the way he was before his prosthesis after he destroyed them for seeking to run him down later. However there is also the version of the tale in cyberpunk where the hero is part of a security force who battles terrorism just to keep the upstarts away from the hearth of civilization often finding these upstarts to be part of a political and corporate conspiracy bringing on a series of cat and mouse chases trying to find the needle of truth in the hay pile of propaganda, conspiracy rings and coverups. This sometimes puts the heroes into the firing path of the crooked powers or naive forces mission when they are closer, in time the villain gets hit the hardest and the conspirators get the penitentiary. The synthetic body parts is often what the vigilante gets trying to improve the world and stopping all threats to utopia not wanting a crisis in his life or anywhere near him.

The gimmicky cap is sometimes something the vigilante does when trying to conceal his true identity if he intended to fall off the grid because when he was proposing what to do to fix the system, his attempts was made to look like mass terrorism! To the hipsters, the gimmicky cap is only a pop culture icon but to those who've actually looked into the reality of the cap pondering why it was associated with terrorism discover a hidden message that leads them to join the revolutionary cause the vigilante was making happen.

The LMG is one of the few guns that the vigilante likes except the shotgun and its mostly because both guns aren't a flankable gun, they are serious firepower that once hit sends anyone in their firing path to their grave no questions asked! What better way to tear down the powers that be? No man should control your fate!

Most grenades are about mess making yet the EMP grenade does mostly damage to electronics rather than people and locomotion not dependent on electricity to move. The vigilante uses it to take down those he knows need either a wake up call or a business shut down forever.